Coco peat

Coco peat is a multipurpose medium, made from coconut husks. It offers the best alternative for propagating seedlings and flower production. It is also used for soil amendments. For it to work effectively, it is to be washed and treated, as it contains soluble salts mainly sodium which causes root…

Natural Solar Dryers

What are natural solar dryers? Natural solar dryers are devices that directly use the sun’s enery to dry food. At Grekkon Limited, we design and construct tailor-made solar drying units according to the product, location and drying volume per session. Our natural solar dryers are made using UV treated polythene…

Fish Pond Liners

Fish Pond liners Grekkon Limited is the number one supplier of quality fish pond liners in Kenya for water harvesting and as fish pond lining material for fish farming. Our liners are most the reputable because they last for many decades. We supply UV treated, HDPE, water proof liners manufactured…

Solar Surface Pumps by Grekkon Limited

6 Solar surface pumps Solar surface pumps by Grekkon Limited are designed to pump water from shallow wells, rivers, lakes, ponds and shallow water reservoirs. These pumps are ideal in off-grid locations and helpful too in the management of electricity costs resulting from water pumping. Grekkon Limited's solar surface pumps…

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