Grekkon Limited’s seedling trays for sale in Kenya helps high value crop farmers to start off their seedlings without germination losses. In a market where high value hybrid seed is predominant in commercial farming, the cost of every seedling counts. Our sanitized trays and coco peat are free of any pest and disease, and they save the farmer any crop establishment delay occasioned by transplanting shock

When considering where to buy seedling trays in Kenya, our UV treated PVC germination trays provide a wide choice to select from. We have 28, 66, 150, 160, 200, 204 and 288 cells seedling trays sizes for:  silk worm rearing, tree crop propagation, fruit nurseries and vegetable seedlings. The cell size determines the use


silk worm rearing in trays



What is the cost of seedling trays?

Our seedling trays price is from Kes 120/- per unit depending on the quantity procured

Advantages Of Seedling Trays In Kenya

Seedling trays and planting media offer the following benefits compared to traditional nurseries:

  • 99%-100% of the seedlings are transplanted. This is because the soiless media- coco peat in the seedling tray is sanitised and has no pests nor diseases. Again, transplanting losses are insignificant because the seedlings re transplanted while this media is still attached to the root zone. This prevents the tender roots from exposure, or damage


The roots of a tree seedling from a seedling tray with the roots covered by the planting media, and the bare roots of another seedling grown directly in a traditional soil nursery

  • every seedling is accounted for by knowing the cells number  (tray cell number x number of tray s= no of seedlings)
  • pest and disease management is easy. This is because the seedlings or propagates are in a greenhouse, shade house or any other enclosed location
  • high germination rate
  • uniformity of growth

Other Advantages

  • seedlings are traken from the tray for field planting with no shock. This is because the growing media covers their tender roots. Transplanting shock is always as a result of leaving the growing roots exposed when relocating the seedling
  • early crop maturity. This is because the seedlings growth did not slowed down from the movement shock. Transplanting shock in vegetable crops can cause a 2 to 3 week delay in harvesting
  • light and highly portable. Our planting trays are light weight and easy to move from one location to another


A vegetable seedling ready for transplanting with the roots well attached to the coco peat planting media



Soils that have been used for crop production over many years harbor pests and diseases that easily attack tender seedlings. The use of sanitized seedling trays and planting media shield your crop at this highly susceptible stage from this pestilence.
Our coco peat provides the requisite nutrients to start off the plants immediately after germination. All that is required during the seedlings time in the tray is water and light

How Long Do You Leave Seedlings In A Seedling Tray?

This depends on the length of seedling maturity which differs from crop to crop. For instance, tomato, cabbage, capsicums take 3-4 weeks to transplant, while onion takes 8 weeks

Which Seedling Tray Is Best?

The choice of seedling tray depends on;

  1. Crop size. Tree crops require larger cells than say onion seedlings
  2. Desired transplanting size. The bigger the seedling, the larger the tray
  3. Choice of activity. Seedling trays to rear silk worms have larger cells than say seedling trays for tomato. This is because silk worms are larger, thus need more space, while tomato seeds and seedlings are tiny enough to grow in a much smaller cell


Seedling trays in Kenya

Onion seedlings in trays

Seedling Trays Sizes

i. 28 cells. Ideal for rearing silkworms, fruit tree, and forestry seedlings

ii. 50 cells. For fruit and forestry seedlings that will be transplanted when small or young

iii. 66 cells. For fruit and forestry seedlings that will be transplanted when small or young

iv. 160 cells. For vegetable crop seedlings that will be transplanted when large or older. This used commonly for open field crop transplants.

v. 204 cells. For vegetable crop seedlings that will be transplanted when smaller or younger. Tomato, pepper, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, chilies are examples of crops propagated in these trays.

vi. 288 cells. For vegetable crop seedlings that are small such as onion


Different seedling trays sizes at Grekkon Limited


How Big Are Seedling Trays?

Grekkon Limited’s seedling trays are 54cm in long by 28cm wide irrespective of the cell number


Our seedling trays in Kenya are UV treated which makes them last long in tropical locations where the sun’s radiation is high throughout the year. You can store and re-use them in your subsequent plantings.

Comments (9)

  • Hi. I need one (1) block(s) of cocopeat. How much do you sell it for and would deliver within Nairobi CBD?

  • Hi,am in Nairobi Embakasi,am in need of seedlings trays for onions seeds, capsicum seeds,kales seeds and spinach seeds kindly help where will I get them.

    Rhinus Njoroge Njuguna
    • Good morning Njoroge,

      Come to our Utawala office

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Please share price for the 204 cells and 288 cells.

    • Good morning Njoki,

      Our seedling trays cost in Kenya is Kes 130/- a unit

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Kindly quote for and indicate availability of

    1500pcs x 66 cell seedling trays pvc – your urgent response will be much appreciated.

    • Good morning,

      Our seedling trays price in Kenya is Kes 130/-

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hi do you have the following available 10 pieces of 160 seedling trays, 10 pieces of 288 seedling trays what’s the cost of each and the price of the cocopeat too and are they available in Mombasa thanks

    Mrs khan
    • Good morning Mrs Khan,

      We do have seedling trays in Mombasa and coco peat. Share your contact for our Mombasa office to reach you, or call our Mombasa office on 0114 494 500.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service


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