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Cocopeat as a planting media

Cocopeat is a multipurpose medium, made from coconut husks. It offers the best alternative for propagating seedlings and flower production. It is also used for soil ammendments. For it to work effectively, it has to be…

Treating cocopeat before planting

As the saying goes, a good crop starts with a well prepared nursery. If your seedlings perform exemplary, you are definitely going to have a good yield. In the recent past, farmers have been shifting to…

Solar dryers

Solar dryers are devices that use solar energy to dry substances especially food. At Grekkon Limited, we provide tailor-made solar drying systems according to the product. The solar dryers are structures that are made using UV…


Dam liners Grekkon Limited is the number one supplier of quality dam liners in Kenya¬† for water harvesting and as fish pond liners for fish farming. Our liners are most the reputable because they last for…

Solar Surface Pumps by Grekkon Limited

Solar surface pumps by Grekkon Limited are designed for shallow wells. These pumps are ideal in off-grid locations and helpful too in the management of electricity costs resulting from water pumping. Grekkon Limited solar surface pumps…

Your Greenhouse Polythene

Your Greenhouse Polythene The two aspects to greenhouse polythene in Kenya supplied by Grekkon Limited type and color choice are; light, and heat. Light as a factor of the amount of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation your…

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