Grekkon Limited

Since its inception in 2013, Grekkon Limited has scaled its wings to cater for the needs of all the different types of growers, farmers and other agri-businesses in Kenya and beyond. Our focus lies on building value and quality to all our farmers’ yield. We believe in producing more, conserving more and improving lives.
A brass impact sprinkler at work. Such sprinkler systems are don eby Grekkon Limited


Rain gun Grekkon black sprinkler

We’re a Kenyan irrigation, greenhouse, boreholes, water pumps and solar dryers technologies supplier

Dam Liners

Fish Pond Liner in Kenya

Our Dam Liners are available in 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 1mm thicknesses and can be made to suit any size of the reservoir. We make the dam liners to suit your needs and are nearly maintenance free once in place.

Green Houses

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Greenhouse customization to the customer’s requirements. We have done Several done in many Kenyan regions.

Borehole Drilling

Grekkon Limited Borehole Drilling

Borehole drilling and installation of submersible solar water pumps, electric water pumps, and fossil fuel water pumps.

Seedling Trays

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• 99%-100% of the seedlings will be transplanted,
• Pest and disease management is easy,
• High germination rate
• Seedlings are easily removed from the tray for transplanting with no shock.

Water Pumps

Diesel pump 2

When in need of a power source that is capable of moving water within a landscaped feature, a quality pump is a necessity.

At Grekkon Limited we offer several water pump options that are petrol powered.


Our Irrigation products range from

  • Drip Fittings
  •  Greenhouse covers
  •  Pe Fittings
  • Pipes
  •  Filters
  • Pvc Fittings
  • Pop up Sprinklers – Overhead Sprinklers – Impact sprinklers

Night irrigation
Our sizes and resources allow us to custom make complete irrigation systems for Agricultural, commercial and industrial applications and we are leaders in creating irrigation systems ranging from garden watering systems to drip systems

Some of our irrigation products include

  • Vegetable Irrigation
  • Fruittree Irrigation.
  • Overhead Irrigation.
  • Water pumps and Generators.

Consultation Services

We have top-notch Farming Consultation Services. Have questions regarding crop support or inputs that will help you bring yield to your farm? We are just the right people.
Kenya’s Biggest Irrigation materials supplier
Grekkon Limited is the Agribusiness Company of choice in greenhouse construction, irrigation systems design and installation in Africa.