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“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”
-Thomas Jefferson

We are the Agribusiness Company of choice in greenhouse construction, irrigation systems design and installation in Africa.

grekkon vegetable drip irrigation


Over the years we are happy to have been part of the ever changing landscape of agricultural practices in Africa.

Here is what some of our esteemed clients have to say.

Your bird nets are great on my fish ponds

Johannes Musau
My 5.5 horsepower petrol water pump has met all the expectations i had when buying it from Grekkon Limited Irrigation Hub Nairobi. Hongera Grekkon!!

Nicolas George
Just got my HDPE pipes and fittings from Grekkon Limited irrigation hub Nairobi at the best prices ever.Hurry up while stock lasts!!!

Mwikali Mwendwa
I like your flexible type dam liners

Sylvia Limisi
Good service delivery for my shade nets. Keep it up folks!

K-Best Global Services
They just constructed metallic greenhouse for me in Nandi County. I am a happy customer!

Evans Kipkemoi Mitei
Grekkon Limited has proven to be a one stop shop for provision of irrigation solutions

It was awesome.I received what I ordered.I thank the management and all staff who made my order successful.

Benson Wangui
Grekkon limited is one of the best irrigation company have ever met, they have the best services as well as having the best quality equipments, they are the best ever.👌👌👌

Pius Muoki
Great place to inquire about HDPE pipes & fittings, irrigation equipment & pumps

Muia Tito
The experience I have had with Grekkon has changed my attitude towards greenhouse farming. I now have the confidence and resilience to move forward. ASANTE SANA GREKKON, you are phenomenon.

Harriet Kiboma
They went over and above my expectations.Quality products, great prices and also offer delivery services!

Mohammed Adam G.

Businessman, Nairobi
Very Satisfied. They offer great customer assistance services, no matter the time of the day.

Noore Khan

Buisnessman, Industrial Area
Woah! Great job guys! I can't believe how efficient the irrigation system is. Never been happier!

Rawael Gachumu

Farmer, Central Kenya
I have never been happier, I'm getting clients without so much stress. The produce has never looked this good. Will definitely recommend your services.

Jacinta Mwaura

Farm Owner, Kitengela
Grekkon drilled my borehole. Using the water for irrigation, my farm now produces six times the harvest on the same plot of land. Asante Sana.

Margaret Matu

Large Scale Farmer, Eldoret
Dam Liners


We specialize in the provision of:

  • Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
  • Greenhouses
  • Shade House Construction
  • Water Pump Installations
  • Dam Lining
  • Borehole Drilling
  • Construction of Solar Dryers
  • Seedling Trays
  • Coco Peat
  • Mulching Paper
  • Bird and Insect Nets


Comments (33)

  • 26m x 40m saturation, large scale.


  • Do you have silage plastic bags

    • Good morning Aston,

      Yes we do. See our silage bags prices in Kenya and other details in the link below

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

    • Thanks for the good job you people are doing,I really appreciate your efforts,am a plumber basically based in Eldoret if by any chance I can offer my skills in your organization,I’ll be happy to serve the company.

      Thaddeaus Ouma owino
  • What is the cost of HDPE 2 inches, 100m Roll. Will be buried beneath 3 feet.

    • Good morning James,

      Our 2″ HDPE pipe cost in Kenya is Kes 16,700 a roll.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hi,
    I have some land in Kilifi County, Sokoke location which I would like to farm. However, for the most part of the year, the place is extremely dry and hot. On the flip side, I have a river cutting across my field with a semi-permanent pool in the middle of my plot. Would you advise on the water solutions in this case, how much it would cost, soil tests and agronomy advice? Thanks.

    Mlati Ochieng
    • Good afternoon Mlati,

      As an irrigation equipment supplier in Kenya, the best way is to do a site assessment and discuss this together. Please share your contact number for our Mombasa office to reach you.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • what is the best electric booster pump for 3 pop up sprinklers for my lawn?

    • Good morning Eric,

      We’ll give you the 0.75Hp or 1Hp electric water pump for this. Where are you located?

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

      • Located along Makutano-Sagana highway. do you do deliveries? and how much for the booster pumps?

  • You had contacted me earlier in the week. Let’s discuss further irrigation of 8 acres of maize/ sorghum in Kagio area. Regards.

    Charles Njogu
  • What is the cost of a green house

    Paul Mwangi
  • What is the cost of dam liner

    Derrick Kinyae
  • I need dam liner what is the cost per metre

    Derrick Kinyae
    • Good morning Derrick,

      Your dam liner cost in Kenya will depend on the thickness you need. See our prices in the link below then advice us on your preference

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I have a one acre piece of land that I would wish to put under irrigation and would be happy to get technical advice from your company

    • Good morning Douglas,

      As a top irrigation systems company in Kenya, our team will conduct a field visit to understand;

      1. Actual farm size
      2. Tragedy crop(s)
      3. Land topography
      4. Your water source

      Based on these, we’ll give you a detailed assessment and a quotation. Please share your contact number

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hello. Do you offer paid or unpaid internships for an agricultural engineering graduate?

    Backlo Mabele
    • Good afternoon Backlo,

      We do

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Dear Grekkon Team. Please I am trying to contact you via email. Can you please share with me your email address

  • Hello, I am interested in buying a pump for my borehole. A submersible pump whose specs are stainless impellers capable of handling hard water with turbid and heavy siltation, and whose head is over 250mtrs, yielding 2000l per hour.

    Kindly share a quotation.

    Thank you.

    Ann Mugure
    • Good afternoon Ann,

      Do you want an electric or a solar submersible water pump quote?
      Again share with us the water level of your well.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Contacting you from Rwanda. I have 2 hectares farm 40m away from a lake. There’s no electricity in the area. The slope between the lakeside and the other end of the land is not more than 2 meters. I would like to have advice on the best irrigation system that I can acquire. The products are not determined yet, but most probably fruits and vegetables.
    Please give me an estimate of cost for solar irrigation system .


    Fadl Musa

    Fadl musa
    • Good morning Fadi,

      Thank you for conacting this irrigation systems company in Kenya. Someone from our commercial team will contact you shottly.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I would like advice on harvesting and storing rain water for domestic use and irrigating plants and flowers within a one-eighty plot in Utawala Embakasi Nairobi.

    Mukami mthee
    • Good afternoon Mukami,

      Sure. Come and visit us in our Utawala office for detailed advice

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I have Aico with 7hp, kindly asking can you sell pump alone? if yes at how much? targeting to pump water at the head of 70m.

    • Good evening Bernard,

      All our Irrigation water pumps for sale are a complete unit

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I have sunk a 150meter borehole and I have already purchased a pump
    Do you offer borehole pump installations only services and if yes how much for technicians services only we are based in Nanyuki
    Thank you

    Franc Mwangi
    • Good morning Franc,

      No, we only install borehole solar submersible water pumps in Kenya that we have supplied

      Best regards,
      Customer Service


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