Dam Liners

Dam Liners


Our UV treated black dam liners are manufactured for tropical climates which experience extra ordinary radiation throughout the year. They are used to line the walls and floors of water reservoirs to prevent water loss through sipage into the soil. With changing rainfall patterns and unpredictable seasons increasingly becoming a norm in Africa, the need for agriculture water conservation is growing amongst farmers.

We factory weld our dam liners which keeps them leak proof during their entire lifetime of use. Leaking is a common occurence with manually welded geomembrane and we only allow it where it is impractical to factory weld.


Our dam liners are available in 0.5mm, 0.8mm and 1mm thicknesses. They are supplied in tailor made widths that suits the size and shape of the reservoir or tank. Grekkon Limited’s technical team conducts the installation and together with the client test the installed geomembrane over the next days or weeks to ensure no leakage happens.

To support the liner in a reservoir, the owner does a trench at a distance of 1M all around it. This trench is a foot deep and a foot wide. Once installation within the reservoir is complete, the liner edges are tucked in this trench and covered. This holds the liner in place during its period of use. For the tank, a steel or wooden band is used to support the liner in the inner tank’s wall for covered tanks and on the outer tanks walls for open water tanks.

The desired liner thickness is determined by

i. The volume of water held. The larger the volume the greater the weight and a thicker liner is used

ii. The wall and floor surface texture. Thicker liners will be used for rough surfaces

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