As a top greenhouse company in Kenya, we design and construct custom greenhouses in Kenya for both none food and food crops. Our affordable greenhouses in Kenya for none food crops cover flowers such as; roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums. And also herbs such as geraniums, mint, basil, rosemary, and lemongrass


Greenhouse company in Kenya: Grekkon Limited

A tunnel type greenhouse


Our food crop greenhouse consists of such self-pollinating crops such as greenhouse indeterminate tomato, peppers, and cucumbers. This is also for insect-pollinated crops like strawberries. These are high-value crops that require intense attention and protection from pestilences such as; hail, drought, pest, disease, storms, and frost


A vented type greenhouse

Greenhouse Construction in Kenya

Besides the crop type, we tailor our greenhouses types according to climatic zones before any greenhouse construction works begin. In the cool highlands, we construct tunnel type greenhouses for farmers. These units retain warmth at night when it is very cold, so that the day and night temperature variance is minimised. Large temperature extremes affect pollination negatively, which lowers crop productivity. In the hot lowlands, e construct vented type metallic greenhouses. These ones have an additional ventilation on the roof top to increase cooling during the day. All wooden greenhouses in Kenya are of the vented type




Greenhouse Polythene Cover Selection

Our galvanised steel greenhouse structures are made to withstand strong winds and storms. Every structure is tailored to the farmer’s specific needs according to crop type or climatic zone. We pay keen attention to the light requirement of each crop when choosing what polythene type to use. Every greenhouse paper type has anti-UV treatment to slow down degradation as a result of the sun’s radiation. We also have anti-drip treatment added to keep moisture from condensing on the paper to form dew droplets that fall on the crop. Prolonged wetness on the crop foliage is a precursor for fungal infections. Being the reputable greenhouse company in Kenya, we supply greenhouse polythene that guarantees growers 3.5 to 4 years of production before it is degraded by solar radiation. After this period, we advise changing to a new greenhouse polythene cover because the paper’s crop growing attributes are gone

Our greenhouse polythene covers are in different widths and lengths. We cut from the paper rolls, and supply according to the greenhouse specifications

  • Yellow greenhouse polythene paper. this is for a farmer growing mono color ornamentals such as red roses. It is also for growers undertaking leafy vegetables, herbs and spices which do not fruit. A yellow greenhouse polythene cover enhances the flower color. However, it allows in less light, so the level of photosynthesis is lowered. Photosynthesis is the process by which crops use light to make their food

Yellow greenhouse polythene film

  • A clear greenhouse polythene cover is for a farmer growing bi-color, multi-color flowers. It is also for growers undertaking fruiting vegetables, herbs and spices.  A clear greenhouse paper allows in more light, which increases the level of photosynthesis. Fruiting crops need to make and use more food than vegetative crops because of the fruits


Clear greenhouse polythene film

Greenhouse Sizes and Prices In Kenya

Grekkon Limited’s affordable greenhouse sizes are;  small, medium and large. Our greenhouse prices in Kenya depend on the unit size

1. Small greenhouses cost

Greenhouse Type
Tunnel Type Open Ventilated Type
Greenhouse Size 15M x 8M          290,000                330,000
20M x 8M          300,000                340,000
24M x 8M          320,000                350,000
30M x 8M          460,000                540,000
40M x 8M          575,000                655,000


2. Medium greenhouses cost

  • Greenhouse Type  
    Tunnel Type Open Ventilated Type
    Greenhouse Size 15M x 16M          460,000                555,000
    24M x 16M          620,000                665,000
    30M x 16M          900,000                990,000
    40M x 16M       1,100,000             1,240,000


Medium sized greenhouses and larger units are constructed as co-joined units with a water gutter in between the co-joined roofs. The cost of greenhouses in Kenya for co-joined units is similar to that of stand alone units


Greenhouse company in Kenya. Co-joined units

Co-joined greenhouse units


3. Large greenhouses are  from 800 meters square. These are bespoke greenhouse units to the grower’s size specifications

As a greenhouse company in Kenya, our greenhouse units for crop production have the following features

1. A sanitary or entry pouch

This is at the entrance where a small cubicle like structure with a 2 opposite facing doors. One leads to the outside and the other into the greenhouse. Here, hands and soles are sanitised to prevent disease and pest transmission from the outside into the greenhouse. It is also a storage for greenhouse personal protective equipment (PPEs). A sanitary pouch reduces the incidence of disease and pests, which saves on agro-chemical use



An sanitary or entry pouch at he entrance of the greenhouse


2. An irrigation system

This is a drip irrigation kit for the crop if it is a crop growing greenhouse. Overhead irrigation can also be installed but in Kenya, this is hardly used in greenhouses. A drip irrigation system consists of;

  • a high density polyethylene (HDPE) main line and HDPE fittings (tees, elbows, male adaptors, female adaptors, and end cap)
  • the plastic control valve or ball valve
  • irrigation water filter. This is a screen filter for gravity water, and a disc or sand filter for high pressure, water pump powered flow. The filter choice thus depends on the pressure of the irrigation water. Filtering the irrigation water keeps the drip emitters from clogging due to dirt sediments in the water
  • a venturi fertigation unit for growers who practise fertigation
  • drip irrigation pipe. The pipe will run along or across the length of the greenhouse depending on the position of the main line. The emitter spacing on the cdrip line is determined by the crop under irrigation. Closely spaced crops like herbs will use closer emitter spacing such as 15 cm, while larger spaced crops like capsicums will have longer spaces between emitters such as 30cm

3. Misters or foggers for seedling or crop propagation greenhouses

These keep the unit humid. High humidity is key in the root development of propagates and seedlings. Misters and foggers can also be in the crop production greenhouse to manage humidity


Misters for irrigation by Grekkon Limited

Misters by Grekkon Limited at work in a greenhouse vegetable propagation nursery

4. Propagation tables

We construct these metallic tables in seedling or cuttings propagation greenhouses. This is where propagation trays are laid and the crop established in soiless media such as coco peat

5. Galvanized steel crop support structure

These are horizontal galvanized steel metal bars are in rows with a spacing of 3M between one row to the other. There are vertical and horizontal steel wires running between them. The crop is trained on these steel wire to remain in position while growing. They are for greenhouses with tall indeterminate crops such as tomato, capsicums, and cucumber. Greenhouses with short ornamentals, vegetables, herbs, and spices will not have this inbuilt crop support system


With every affordable greenhouse in Kenya purchase, we provide a kit that consists of; seedling trays, coco peat, fertiliser (planting and topdressing), insecticides (long and short PHI), fungicides (preventive and curative), personal protective equipment (goggles, gas mask, overall suit, gloves, and gumboots) and a 20-liter knapsack sprayer for an additional cost

As the top greenhouse company in Kenya, we offer free agronomy services and a crop production manual to first time greenhouse farmers. These are those who need the service countrywide

Comments (17)

  • We are an NGO located in southern Kajiado county. Our interest is in a small greenhouse for vegetable farming. We are located in a very dry area but we do have a bore hole and would like to incorporate an irrigation system. We are interested in more information about your products and services.

  • Good Morning,

    Do you carry out farm visits? My farm is in Athi River and require an Irrigation system, repair of Wooden greenhouse,
    net houses and dam for fish. I have called the lady on 0711895635 but she told me that she is in Eldoret and would
    sent the No. for Nairobi. Still waiting for the No. How much for farm visit?

    Terry Njoroge
    • Good morning Terry,

      Yes we do carry out farm visits. We do irrigation systems, wooden greenhouses, shade houses, and dam liners for fish ponds. Please share with us your contact number for us to reach you. We have also contacted the Eldoret team.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hello,
    What is the cost of an 16M by 40M wooden greenhouse and metallic greenhouse?
    Is the cost inclusive of setup?
    What is the cost of the irrigation equipment?
    My farm is @ Nakuru, Salgaa



    • The use of the greenhouse is for
      “none food greenhouses in Kenya are for flowers such as; roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums, and herbs such as geraniums, mint, basil, rosemary, and lemongrass.”



      Catalogue Kenya
      • This is well noted CK.

        • Hi I need repair on my green house need the polythene paper have the metallic structure how much will you charge me

          • Good evening Geoffrey,

            To give you the total greenhouse polythene price in Kenya, please share with us the dimensions of the greenhouse.

            Best regards,
            Customer Service

    • Good afternoon CK,

      Our wooden greenhouse price in Kenya is Kes 496,000, while our metallic greenhouse cost in Kenya is Kes 875,000 for a structure measuring 40M x 16M. This cost all inclusive; greenhouse materials, construction labour, and the irrigation system.

      Bets regards,
      Customer Service

  • What’s the cost of a wooden greenhouse 16m x 24m?

    • Good evening Maureen,

      Our wooden greenhouse cost in Kenya measuring 24M x16M is Kes 400,000. Where are you located and when do you need it?

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

    • I need 24*8 in wajir, cost

      • Good afternoon Friday,

        Your 24M X 8M metallic greenhouse cost in Kenya is Kes 275,000. However, we will load logistical costs to this. Where in Wajir will this be done?

        Best regards,
        Customer Service

  • Located in kangema, what is the cost of 8mx24m,
    Is it inclusive of installation

    • Good evening Joseph,

      This is Kes 290,000 for your 24M x 8M metallic greenhouse including the cost of installation. However, material transport will be charged separately once the exact location is established. When do you need it sir?

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hello,
    What is the cost of an 8M by 15M greenhouse?
    Is the cost inclusive of setup?
    What is the cost of the irrigation equipment?
    My farm is on Sagana



    • Good afternoon Jackline,

      This 15M x 8M metallic greenhouse price is Kes 195,000 which is inclusive of everything; material, construction labor, and an irrigation system.

      Please share your contact number for our Nyeri office to reach you.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service


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