Misters For Irrigation

Misters for irrigation is a perfect way to water crops, increase humidity and cool off greenhouse or outdoor temperature through very fine water droplets spray. Mist irrigation systems in Kenya are used in vegetable seedlings nurseries, greenhouse vegetables, and flowers.

Grekkon Limited is a large supplier of 2-way and 4-way nozzles mist irrigation systems to vegetable and flower growers in the country. They are easy to install and use, and are economical at a price of Kes 350 a unit. Our misters for irrigation work with a 200 mesh irrigation water filter. This will keep away dirt that will otherwise block the tiny nozzles.



How to set up a mist irrigation system

How to set up misters for irrigation

  1. Connect to the water source

    The line will be connected to a high-pressure water pump that pumps water from the source to the misting system’s HDPE mainline. Add a 200 mesh water filter along this line to prevent clogging by sediments in the water

  2. Connect the misters

    Misting tubes will be connected to the misting system’s mainline at intervals of 1M. The shorter the misters, the higher the pressure and the finer the water droplets are.

  3. Add nozzles

    Connect the 2-way or 4-way misting nozzles to the hanging tubes

Misters for irrigation FAQs

1. What is mist irrigation?

It is watering a plant by spraying water droplets on it. This irrigates the plant and cools it too.

2. How much water do misters use?

Grekkon Limited’s misters use 5 litres per nozzle, per hour

3. What is the difference between fogging and misting?

Misting produces water droplets of 200 microns in size. They fall to the ground quickly. A fogging system releases droplets that are 10 microns in size. They remain suspended in the air and evaporate.

4. How far apart should misters be?

We set our misters at 1M apart. The lateral lines to the misters are 32mm/ 1 inch in diameter.

5. How do I fix my misting system?

– Remove the clogged nozzle from the system
– Remove the O-ring from the nozzle
– Dip the nozzle in white vinegar or CLR for an hour
– Rinse the nozzle, flush the misting line and mount the nozzle back to the system

6. How much pressure should be in a misting system?

From 2.4 bar or 24M head

7. Do misters use a lot of water?

No. A misting nozzle will use 5 liters per hour

8. Do you need a pump for a misting system


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  • How much are the Misting Nozzles per piece

    • Good afternoon Alex,

      A 4-way mister is Kes 1,000, a 2-way mister at Kes 500. How many units of each do you need sir?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service


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