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Grekkon Limited supplies the best gauges of UV-treated agricultural HDPE pipes for sale in Kenya, and HDPE fittings for irrigation in East Africa. Our HDPE pipe prices in Kenya are according to the the following specifications

  1. The pipe diameter. The wider it is, the more expensive the pipe
  2. Pressure nominal, abbreviated as PN. The higher the pressure that pipe will withstand, the higher the PN rating and the more expensive the pipe is

We have both the blue line HDPE pipes, and black HDPE pipes. Both are functionally the same. The blue lateral stripe along the length of the pipe is an external code as to what type of medium it conveys; water. This is important when the blue stripes are laid in a common trench, with other striped HDPE pipes for example an electric main pipe


Blue lines on a 40mm PN12.5 HDPE pipe by Grekkon Limited


HDPE Pipe Sizes

The length of the pipe has no bearing on the pipe price These agricultural HDPE pipes have a standard length of 100m upto 90mm,  after which the length  differs according to the pipe diameter. The wider the diameter grows, the shorter the pipe is.

Our available pipe diameter sizes are;

  • 16mm
  • 20mm or 1/2”
  • 25mm or 3/4″
  • 32mm or 1′
  • 40mm or 1-1/4”
  • 50mm or 1-1/2”
  • 63mm or 2”
  • 75mm or 2-1/2”
  • 90mm or 3”
  • 110mm or 4”



16mm HDPE pipe rolls of 100M length



Other larger sizes are sourced from our pipes manufacturers in Kenya. In irrigation systems, the larger pipes are mains, the smaller ones are sub-mains in drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation systems and rain hose kits. The 16mm HDPE pipes are used to supply water directly to the crop through button drippers or micro-jet sprinklers. The 16mm HDPE is the smallest diameter available

We supply all HDPE fittings which are; tees, reducing tees, threaded tees, equal elbows, male and female elbows, connectors, reducing connectors, male and female adaptors, and end caps. They range in size from 20mm to 110mm, and come in rolls

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HDPE Pipes Prices in Kenya (per meter)

Pipe Diameter Size in mm
  Price in KES
16   KES 18
20   KES 35
25   KES 42
32   KES 54
40   KES 68
  KES 105
 63      KES 167
75   KES 228
90   KES 331
110   KES 487
125   KES 628




  1. HDPE pipes 20mm by Grekkon Limited


The pipe size is determined by the amount of water required per area. Large farms will use large pipes, while small crop units will use small pipes.

HDPE Pipes & HDPE Fittings FAQs

1. How do I connect to HDPE?

Various HDPE fittings connect HDPE pipes to PVC, PPR, and HDPE pipes. These are; couplings, reducing couplings, adaptors, elbows, and tees.

2. What is HDPE pipe specifications?

HDPE pipe specifications are given as; pipe internal diameter, thickness, and length. At Grekkon Limited, our pipe diameter is given in mm, thickness as PN, and length in meters.

3. What is the difference between PE and HDPE?


4. What determines the HDPE pipe thickness choice?

Water pressure. The pressure at which water will flow within. For instance, a farmer whose water flow is gravitational will use the lowest gauge, which is PN6. Another grower using a water pump will use a thicker pipe that withstands the pump pressure. The greater the pressure from the water pump, the thicker the pipe is.
External exposure. Some growers opt to lay pipes on the surface, while others will prefer them buried underneath the surface. The former will use thicker pipes that withstand the risk of mechanical damage, and prolonged exposure to UV radiation. The latter will use those of lower thickness because the pipes have very low exposure to mechanical damage. It is also not exposed to the sun’s degrading UV radiation


HDPE elbow fittings

5. What is HDPE pipe fittings?

These are plastic accessories used to join the pipes to each other, to another pipe type, and to seal the pipe’s end. These HDPE fittings are;

  • Male and female adaptors. They connect the pipe to accessories such as ball valves, tank connectors, filters, venturi fertigation systems etc.
  • 45 and 90 degree elbows. They alter the direction of the pipe
  • Reducing elbows. They alter the direction of the pipe by connecting it to a smaller diameter pipe
  • Tees. They connect the HDPE pipe to a another one running in the opposite direction
  • Reducing tee. They connect the HDPE pipe to a another one with a smaller diameter running in the opposite direction
  • Connectors. They connect the HDPE pipe to a another one running in the same direction
  • Reducing connectors. They connect the HDPE pipe to a another one with a smaller diameter running in the same direction
  • End caps. They lock the pipe at the end to prevent further water flow


A drip irrigation system with HDPE pipes & fittings installed by Grekkon Limited


6. How do you join HDPE pipes?

By using connectors or couplings

7. What is HDPE pipe used for?

HDPE pipes are used in irrigation, and electric cabling works.

8. Is HDPE price cheaper than PVC?

No. HDPE pipes are more expensive

9. How long is HDPE pipe?

100M up to 90mm, after which the ipe length is a factor of the diameter. The wider it is, the shorter the pipe

10. Is PVC stronger than HDPE?

No it is not for the same PN rating

11. How do you connect PVC pipe to HDPE pipe?

Attach a valve socket to the HDPE pipe which will connect to the female adaptor on the HDPE pipe




HDPE pipes have a long usable lifespan that extends to decades. Thicker pipes and buried pipes will last longer. We supply fittings designed for use with HDPE pipes to join them together, and with other accessories and material. Every fitting is of the same diameter size as the pipe, but always thicker.

Reach us in any of our branches for your HDPE pipes and fittings

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  • Do u do wholesale.?

    Fidel Wasonga
    • Dear Fidel,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Yes we do. What products do you need?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • I would like to know your best price for 2 inches hdpe in roll for 5000 – 7000 meters ?

    • Dear Abdalla,

      Our HDPE pipe price per 100M roll for 63mm/ 2″ is Kes 15,000. Where are you located?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • I would like to know your best price for 2 inches hdpe pipes in rolls for 5000 -7000 meters ?

    • Dear Abdalla,

      Our best 63mm / 2″ HDPE pipes cost in Kenya for 50 to 70 rolls is Kes 15,000 a roll for PN6 thickness. When do you need these pipes?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

      • Would like to know the price of HDPE pipe 90mm
        Through my email

        Michael gitari
        • Good morning Michael,

          Your 90mm / 3″ HDPE pipe price in Kenya will be shared on email

          Best regards,
          Customer Service

    • Have seen its agood pipe used with lake Victoria north but how can I work under your company aplumber by profession

      Wanyonyi W Dickson
  • Hi. How much is one roll of the 3″ pipes? one roll for 20mm (1/2 inch)? elbows for 2” and reducers for 3to2, 2to1.5?

    Martin Kiandiko
    • Dear Martin,

      Good morning. See our HDPE 100M roll pipe prices in this link; https://grekkon.com/hdpe-pipes-in-kenya/. 63mm/ 2″ HDPE elbows are Kes 1100, HDPE reducer coupling of 90mm/3″ to 63mm/2″ is Kes 1,600 and 63mm/2′ to 50mm is Kes 800.
      How many units of each do you need and when?


      Customer Service

  • I need 20mm size pipe 200 metres how much will it cost and where is your shop located?

    Jackson Muthenya Major
    • Dear Jackson,

      Good afternoon and thank you for your inquiry. A roll of 100M of 20mm / 1/2” HDPE pipe price in Kenya is Kes 3,000. So, Kes 6,000 for both. We’re located at Amrash Business Park in Utawala and our telephone number is 0777 157 132. We look forward to serving you sir.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Hallo there.how do I get HDPE join connecters Tees and bends 32mm

    julius kemei
  • Hi can you please send me your price for HDPE PVC pipes

  • In need of 4″- 2000m,2″- 500m, how much would it cost?

    Mathenge Michael
    • Dear Michael,

      This will be Kes 150/M. When do you need it?

      • How much for a 4 inch?

        • Dear Stephen,

          A PN6 thick, 110mm / 4″HDPE pipe price in Kenya is Kes 453/M. What length do you need?

          Best regards,

          Customer Service

    • Am interested in 1,000m of 6inch HDPE pipes. Kindly give me a quotation

      Peter Muasya
      • Dear Peter,

        1,000M long, of 6″ HDPE pipes prices in Kenya is Kes 715 per meter, so a total of 715,000. When do you intend to procure?

        Best regards,

        Customer Service

  • Please can yo send me your price list for HDPE coiled pipe

    Forest Guardians
  • What’s the cost of HDPE pipe 16mm at a minimum price where I need like 1000metres

    Jeff Mwangi
    • Hello Jeff, this 16mm HDPE pipe price in Kenya is Kes 15/M, so Kes 15,000 for 1,000M. When do you need them?

    • What is price of 2″ HDPE roll of higher gauge to be use with water pump

      • Do you deliver? I need 200m 2inch in Baringo as soon as Monday

        • Good morning Fridah,

          Yes we do at a cost. Your 2 rolls of 2″ / 63mm HDPE pipes in Baringo can be supplied immediately on payment. Please email us your phone contact details on info@grekkon.co.ke

          Best regards,
          Customer Service


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