Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler Irrigation


This is the application of water to the crops from above through a network of pipes. It is simply overhead irrigation. Since its inception, Grekkon Ltd has supplied quality and affordable sprinklers in Kenya. Our sprinklers are built to last for long.


They can work under gravity or the small booster pumps

· Pop up sprinklers

Grekkon supplies top quality pop up sprinklers in Kenya that are ideal for lawns both private, and public . Main applications of our pop up sprinklers are in football and rugby pitches, golf

course, private residential e.tc. We source our pop sprinklers from renown manufacturers across the world.


Available sizes

½’’ and ¾’’


How pop up sprinklers work

An underground piping system is laid out making the system invisible. Once the system is turned on, the pop sprinklers rise above the ground and irrigate the lawn. A certain pressure has to be attained. Once irrigation is complete, they go back to their original position below the ground.


· Impact Sprinklers

We supply metallic and plastic impact sprinklers available in ¾’’ and ½’’ sizes.

Our impact sprinklers are built to last long.


· Raingun sprinklers

When it comes to raingun sprinklers, Grekkon Ltd is a house hold name. We are the largest supplier of Raingun Sprinklers in Kenya.

Our raingun sprinklers are able to irrigate large portions of land within a short period, saving you on time, energy and cost.

Apart from crop irrigation, our rainguns are widely used to irrigate lawns and for dust suppression in construction sites.


Features of Grekkon Ltd Raingun Sprinklers

§ You can select from either metallic or plastic

§ Have shooting radius of 15m to 40m depending on size

§ Pressure ranges from 2-5 bar depending on size


Grekkon Ltd raingun sizes

1’’ , 1½ ‘’ , 2’’ and 2 ½‘’

· Rain hose Irrigation Kit

Are you looking for an alternative to sprinkler irrigation system? Grekkon Ltd has introduced rain hose irrigation system in Kenya, to cater for farmers growing needs to irrigate their farms.

It is an overhead irrigation technology that works by spraying water on plants, an alternative to sprinkler irrigation system. The system is cost effective and effective.

How Grekkon Ltd’s Rainhose Irrigation kit works.


It uses a flexible hose with a series of holes at pre-determined spacing. These holes are made using nano technology to ensure uniform distribution of water.

Suitable crops for rain hose irrigation system.


Nursery seedlings, onions, leafy vegetable e.t.c