Water Sprinkler Irrigation

Grekkon Limited is an irrigation equipment supplier in Kenya. We design, supply, and install all types of water sprinkler irrigation systems. We have these 5 sprinkler types available

  1. Rain gun sprinklers for medium-sized to large acreage
  2. Impact sprinklers for small to medium-sized areas
  3. Meganet sprinklers for small to medium-sized areas
  4. Micro sprinklers for small areas
  5. Pop up sprinklers for lawn irrigation systems

How to choose your water sprinkler in Kenya

  • Land size. Rain guns for large acreage, and micro-sprinklers for small plots of land
  • Crop type. Pop-ups for lawn irrigation, all other sprinklers for field crops
  • Ground elevation. Gravity power from high elevations will swing micro and impact sprinklers. Rain gun, Meganet, and pop-ups work with pumps
  • Grower’s budget. It determines the sprinkler type and number of units to install

Our sprinkler irrigation system design considers the above 4 factors

Components of a water sprinkler irrigation system

  1. Mainline. This is PVC, HDPE, or GI to supply water from the source
  2. Sub mainline. This one is connected directly to the sprinkler intake
  3. Tripod or pipe stand. It is the sprinkler’s support structure
  4. Gate valves. They allow or block water flow to the sub mainline

Water sprinkler irrigation systems prices per acre

  1. Rain gun sprinkler system from Kes 65,000
  2. Impact and Meganet sprinklers from Kes 50,000
  3. Pop up sprinklers from Kes 120,000


A. What are the pros and cons of water sprinkler irrigation?

I. Water sprinkler irrigation advantages

  • There is a wide choice to select from
  • It is easy to install
  • It is cheaper than drip irrigation
  • Easy to move from one point of the farm to another

II. Disadvantages

  • It is water wasteful
  • During strong winds, water distribution is uneven
  • High running cost because a water pump is needed

B. How does a water sprinkler irrigation system work?

  • Water is pumped under high pressure from the source; tank, reservoir, lake, river to the mainline
  • From the mainline, it is distributed to the sub-main lines
  • From the sub-mainlines, it enters the sprinklers under pressure. This pressure swings the sprinkler in a circular motion
  • The sprinkler breaks the water into fine droplets, which fall on the crop
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