Butterfly Sprinklers in Kenya


Butterfly sprinklers in Kenya by Grekkon Limited are for small garden irrigation. These light small sprinklers work on tender vegetables such as vegetable seedlings in nurseries or flowers. Or in garden lawns. They are perfect are for crops damaged by large overhead water droplets. Butterfly sprinklers provide low precipitation which allows for longer watering time with low run-off. Our plastic butterfly sprinklers have UV-treatment; this preserves them for long without UV degradation.

Butterfly Sprinklers in Kenya Specifications

Our 3mm nozzle butterfly sprinklers rating is according to; flow rate, and the wetting diameter or radius.

                  PRESSURE IN METERS
                      0.5 192
                        1   276 4.5
                       1.5 336 4.9
                        2 384 5
                      2.5 432 5
                       3 474 5


Butterfly sprinklers work when positioned upright, or upside down. Upright when they’re standing on the ground for normal irrigation. Upside down when set in a greenhouse, or open field crop to provide humidity to a mature crop or seedlings. This upside down placement is also for keeping plant foliage moist, or for overhead irrigation.

They deliver irrigation water through a 1/2″ tubing to a nozzle attached to risers. They have small sized droplets with good uniformity of coverage, and  lower precipitation rate.



How to space butterfly sprinklers

Micro sprinklers placement is in such a manner that the sprays overlap. If for instance the irrigation diameter is radius is 2 -.2.5M, the distance between micro sprinklers will be 1.5.2M. This ensures that there are no dry spots in between. An overlap ensures full coverage particularly for lawns, hedges or very closely spaced crops.

How to use it

Irrigate for 30 to 40 minutes to achieve sufficient wetness before moving the sprinklers to another section of the garden. They spray under gravity pressure, if one is irrigating with a few units. This makes them easy to work with in many locations where a water pump is not available.

Grekkon Limited’s butterfly sprinklers in Kenya cost is Kes 100 a piece.

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