PVC Pipes

PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride. Our irrigation grade agricultural PVC pipes carry out irrigation installations within east Africa. We install different sizes and thicknesses of irrigation grade agricultural PVC pipes according to land size and water pressure. Our agricultural PVC pipes constitute a large part of our irrigation pipes for sale in Kenya, and each PVC pipe size has a standard length of 6m. These irrigation pipes work with drip irrigation kits, sprinkler irrigation systems, and rain hose kits.

PVC Pipe Sizes

Available pipe sizes are; 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, and 110mm. Other larger sizes are manufactured on order by our PVC pipes manufacturers in Kenya. In irrigation systems, the larger pipes are used as mains and the smaller ones as sub-mains.

 The pipe size is determined by the amount of water required per area. Large farms will use large pipes, while small crop units will use small pipes.

PVC Pipe Prices In Kenya

This PVC pipe price list is for agricultural PN 6 pipes only. Prices for other thicknesses are provided on request


Pipe Diameter Size in mm
  Price in KES
32   KES 350
40   KES 545
50   KES 730
63   KES 1,150
75   KES 1,575
  KES 2,300
 110      KES 2,730
140   KES 4,500
160   KES 5,680
200   KES 9,000
225   KES 11,365



How To Choose Your Irrigation PVC Pipes

i. Water pressure. The pressure at which water will flow within. For instance, a farmer whose water flow is gravitational will use the lowest gauge, which is PN6. Another grower using a water pump will use a thicker pipe that withstands the pump pressure. The greater the pressure from the water pump, the thicker the pipe is.

ii. External exposure. Some growers opt to lay pipes on the surface, but most use them while buried underneath the surface. The former will use thicker pipes that withstand the risk of mechanical damage, and prolonged exposure to UV radiation. The latter will use PVC pipes of lower thickness because the pipes have very low exposure to mechanical damage, and are not exposed to the sun’s degrading UV radiation. HDPE pipes are best for surface laying


1. How much do PVC pipes cost?

This is given above for those sizes with the most demand

2. Are there different types of PVC pipes?

They are categorised according to pressure ratings as; PN6, PN8, PN10, PN 12.5, PN 16, and PN 20. PN 20 has the thickest walls. A farmer using gravity flow will install PN6 because the water flow pressure is low. Another one using a water pump will connect  the system with PN8 and above according to the size of the water pump

3. Which is the best PVC pipe?

The thickest one is the best because it lasts the longest, but it is also the most expensive

4. Are PVC pipes good?

Yes because, unlike GI pipes, they do not rust over time. Their key disadvantages are;

  • They must be buried underground to extend their lifespan
  • They cannot be used to evacuate hot water

5. Do PVC pipes get brittle with age?

Yes they do

6. How long will a PVC pipe last underground?

The thicker ones with a high-pressure rating will last 100 years

7. How long will a PVC pipe last in the sun

6 months


We supply fittings designed for use with these pipes to join them together, and with other accessories and material. Every fitting is of the same diameter size as the pipe, but always thicker.

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  • Give quatation of pvpc pipes all sizes

    William kirarey
  • Do you have PVC Waste pipe 8″ (DN 200) Class 41 Heavy Duty? What is the price for a pipe of 6meters?

    John Mwangi
    • Dear John,

      Yes we do for Kes 7,000 a pipe. How many units do you need?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Need 30pipes 21/2′ and 20pipes 3′ classB
    Home Ngurubani,mwea kirinyaga county
    What’s the price and your contact

    Stanley Kinani
    • Dear Stanley,

      Yes we have 2.5″/ 75mm and 3″/ 90mm PVC pipes available. We’ll supply you from our Nyeri store. Our contact is 0777 157 132.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • 200 mm waste pipe what’s the cost and how long is a pc.
    I want pipe which can drain cow dug

    Ndambuki mutua
  • How much does it cost for pressure pipe
    1 inch
    Tee 1 inch
    Elbow 1 inch

    • Dear Titus,

      Good morning and thank you fo ryour enquiry. Our prices are;
      1. 32mm HDPE 100M pipe is Kes 4,900
      2. 32mm HDPE Tee is Kes 389
      3. 32mm HDPE Elbow is Kes 273

      How many units of each do you need and where are you located?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Class 41 heavy duty 6 and 4 inch PVC pipes each 6 meter. Pls give me the prices.

    • Thanks for availing vital info to prospective customers especially with regard to pricing. It is very useful and I have learnt a lot from this.

      I wanna use 30 hp water pump from source that is roughly 1,500 metres away to my farm, but I have realized PN is also a factor to consider to have the right pipe. All pipes will be underground ( 800 metres 3″ inches from the source and 700 metres 2½” inches to the farm). Which is the best PN size that is suitable considering underground and PN cost?

      Also, I’m in the lowest sides of Kirinyaga county, do you have free delivery for your products?

      I’m talking of all pipes being HDPE.

      Can I also know your latest updated prices as at September 2021?

      Please try to answer all of the 3 questions or concerns that I have raised above.


      • Dear Davika,

        Thank you for your inquiry and compliments. Your 30Hp water pump is a large one. PN10 is the best for such, though also he most expensive. Your alternative in case of budget constraint is PN8.

        We’ll provide free delivery for that quantity from our Nyeri store. Our prices per 100M roll are;

        1. 90mm/ 3″ PN10 Kes 50,000, PN 8 Kes 40,000
        2. 75mm/ 21/2″ PN 10 Kes 35,000, PN 8 Kes 30,000

        We look forward to being of service to you.

        Best regards,
        Customer Service

  • Am looking for a water horse pipe 1/2 inch around 1000feet Please send me

    • Dear Peter,

      Good morning, we do not unfortunately supply domestic water hose pipes.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Give me the price of 2″ and 1.5″heavy duty plastic pipe for irrigation

    • Dear Mwaniki,

      We have various heavy duty thicknesses. Please specify your choice

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Hello how much does it cost 40mm and 8m long and 15m long pvc pipe.

    Peter odhiambo osodo
    • Dear Peter,

      All PVC pipes as quoted are 6M long.

      Best Regards,

      Customer Service

  • hey guys,want to enquire on quotation for passion fruit drip lines 800m plus adjustable button drippers 400pcs

    Sidney Ongalo
    • Dear Sidney,

      Your 16mm HDPE line is Kes 16,000, and he button drippers are Kes 8,000. Total Kes 24,000. When do you need these and where are you located sir?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • I am located in Rwanda,,,and we have project of 100 apartment but our consultant instructed to use metro pipes and ftgs in both plumbing and electrical,,,,can I get your catalogue just to check up your product quality?

    Ndagijimana samuel
    • Dear Samual,

      Metro pipes are used for waste water movement, so th specs are different. Ours are irrigation grade pipes.

      Best regards,

      Customer Servic


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