Fish Pond Liners

Fish Pond liners

Grekkon Limited is the biggest supplier of UV treated fish pond liners in Kenya. Our fish pond liners for sale are for water harvesting and as fish pond lining material for fish farming. They are also referred to locally as polythene paper for farm pond. Our liners are the most reputable because they last for many decades.

How much does a pond liner cost in Kenya?

Our pond liner prices are;

0.5mm Kes 200/MSQ

0.75/ 0.8mm Kes 290/ MSQ

1mm Kes 310/MSQ

What is the best pond liner to buy?

The best pond liners from Grekkon Limited are UV treated to prevent solar degradation. They are manufactured from virgin material, which is why they last many years. Grekkon Limited does not supply fish pond liners made from recycled polythene.

How thick should fish pond liner be?

1. 0.3mm (300 microns) Liners.
– For use in light projects; up to 200m sq area
– On a smooth surface without murram or stones.
– Can be welded to fit the size of your pond

2. 0.5mm (500 microns) Liners
– Is used for medium-sized projects; from 200M sq to 1,000M sq area
– Works on a lightly rough surface, like one with some murram

3. 0.8mm (800 microns) Liners
– Great for medium to large projects; from 200M sq to any size
– Can withstand rough surfaces; stony or rocky

4. 1mm (1,000 microns) Liners
– Recommended for large projects; from 1,000M sq to any size
– Can withstand rough surfaces; stony or rockyFish pond liners by Grekkon Limited

Does your fish pond need a liner?

Yes, it does ensure you harvest and store water to irrigate your farm after the rains, guaranteeing you a continuous income supply. A pond liner keep the soil from soaking up water

We supply UV treated, HDPE, waterproof liners manufactured from virgin materials. It is these properties that ensure the longevity of our fish pond liners, providing a life span of over 30 years for the thickest gauge.

Can you join pond liners?

Yes you can. We offer affordable installation services and custom made welding services in the factory or on-site to suit your pond size using the hot wedge welder or hot edge welding machines. Our welding fits the liner comfortably in your pond. Every welded joint, whether factory or manual is tight and leak-free for the entire lifespan of the liner.


What is the best liner for a pond?

With the demand for fish going up on a daily basis, farmers are increasingly looking for alternative ways of rearing them. Liners offer the cheapest and best option for commercial fish farming.

Grekkon Limited is the home of quality, yet affordable fish pond liners in Kenya and beyond.

We offer

  • UV treated liners that last for decades.
  • a variety of gauges from 3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, and 1mm.
  • custom made fish pond liners to fit your pond shape and size with our liner welding services

With our pond liners, you can rear a variety of fish including Fingerlings, tilapia, catfish/mud-fish, etc

How long do pond liners last?

A fish pond’s lifespan depends on the thicknes. Average lifespans are;

0.3mm. 3 to 5 years

0.5mm. To 12 years

0.75mm/ 0.8mm. 20 years

1mm. 35 years





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