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Our rain gun sprinklers for sale in Kenya specifications are of the new generation of high-volume, high-pressure rain gun sprinklers in Kenya. Our low-pressure rain gun sprinkler specification is 1” in diameter, with a throw of  12M in diameter. The larger ones require high pressure. Rain gun sprinkler irrigation cost is lower than a drip system at the point of installation. However, rain gun sprinklers are more expensive to run than a drip irrigation system because they require a pump, while the latter will work with gravity flow. Rain gun pipes are; PVC or HDPE or delivery lay flat pipes, whose use is described in detail below


Rain gun sprinkler prices

Rain gun Sprinklers

PY series plastic rain gun sprinklers from 1.5″ to 2.5″ inlets on display at Grekkon Limited’s Eldoret store

  • 1’’. Irrigation diameter 20M. Water discharge volume 4-5 cubic per hour. A booster pump for this rain gun will work

    Kes 6,500

  • 1.5’’. Irrigation diameter 30M to 45M. Water discharge volume 7-8 cubic per hour
Rain gun Type   Price in KES
Plastic   KES 5,000
PY 30 metallic   KES 13,500
RM metallic   KES 15,000
Flange metallic   KES 35,000


Rain gun sprinkler

1″ inlet plastic rain gun sprinkler


Brass sprinkler

1.5″  inlet RM metallic type rain gun



2’’. Irrigation diameter 40M to 60M. Water discharge volume 14-15 cubic per hour

Rain gun Type   Price in KES
PY metallic   KES 14,500
RM metallic   KES 17,000
Flange metallic   KES 60,000

2.5’’. Irrigation diameter 50M. Water discharge volume 23-25 cubic per hour

  • Kes 16,000 for the PY 5o rain gun

Rain gun cost per acre (Installation cost)

The cost of a sprinkler system in Kenya is from Kes 65,000 an acre without the water pumping system. It varies with the types of rain guns and size. Before we install a rain gun sprinkler system in a farm, a site assessment visit is carried out to determine;

  • the appropriateness of this overhead irrigation system to the crop
  • the farm terrain
  • amount of water available
  • the water pump specs where one exists


Flange type

2.5″ inlet giant flange type rain



Types of Rain Gun Sprinklers In Kenya

Our rain gun sprinkler types are;

  1. PY series. PY 30, PY 40, and PY 50
  2. Plastic
  3. RM
  4. Flange rain gun

Grekkon Limited introduced a new model of the rain-gun sprinkler to the Kenyan market; the double nozzle steel and brass Rain-gun series. These Rain gun specifications are; 2 nozzles, a main top nozzle of 16mm, and a small underneath nozzle of 8mm. The purpose of the small nozzle is to eliminate any “water shadow’’ areas or sections within the irrigated farm that remain dry.


How to use a rain gun; choice of crops to irrigate

  • Horticulture. cabbage, spinach, kales, carrot, onion, garlic, strawberry, and pineapple
  • Broad-acre crops. wheat, barley, canola, sugarcane, and corn/ maize
  • Fruit orchards. citrus (orange, tangerine, and lemon), avocado, macadamia, papaya, guava, mango, tree tomato, and passion
  • Forestry. seedlings and mature trees
  • Pasture crop. lucerne, Rhode grass5, and all other pasture grass
  • Herbs. mint, lemongrass, geranium, tagete, and so on
  • Hedge plants. kei apple, bougainvillea, cypress

Is rain gun good for irrigation?

Crops that are easily susceptible to fungal infections as a result of dampness on their leaves such as tomatoes and peppers are better irrigated using the drip irrigation system method.

Our RG sprinklers work best at a pressure rating of 30M to 40M head or 3 bars to 4 bars of pressure. When determining a suitable water pump to power these sprinklers, one must consider the water discharge rate and the pressure rating. The water pump must meet these specs. When connecting say 2 RGs of 2″ each to a water pump, the water discharged by the pump will be 15 cubics per hour by 2 units so 30 cubics per hour. The water pump water discharge specs must meet this specification


Our flange type rain guns come with different detachable nozzle sizes


RG Irrigation System Design FAQs

A. How do you install a rain gun?

  1. Lay the mainline which is connected to your high-pressure water pump
  2. Lay and connect the lateral or sub mainline to the mainline
  3. Connect the rain gun sprinkler to the sub mainline using a delivery lay flat pipe, an HDPE pipe or PVC pipe

B. How do you design a rain gun irrigation system design?

The input pipe will be; PVC, HDPE, PPR, or a delivery pipe. Since the sprinklers work under high pressure, each of these pipe’s pressure rating should be a PN8 at the minimum. Each rain-gun sprinkler has a 1M steel tripod stand for support. The sprinklers can be manually adjusted to spray at any angle from 10 degrees to 360 degrees.

C. Can I use a booster pump for the rain gun?

Booster pumps for water gun irrigation work well when drawing water from a tank. Use it with the 1″ rain gun.

D. How do I assemble a rain gun irrigation system?

i.Check that your rain gun sprinkler has no damaged or loose parts

ii. Connect the rain gun head to the tripod stand

iii. Attach a PVC, HDPE, or delivery pipe to the rain gun sprinkler inlet at the base

iv. Adjust the water gun sprinkler to the desired angle of irrigation water delivery

v. Start your irrigation water pump



E. How much area does a rain gun cover?

This depends on the inlet size, type of RG sprinkler, pressure rating and flow rate. The table below provides details

Type Make Inlet Diameter Max Spray Diameter Min Head (Pressure Rating) Max Flow Rate
Flange (F) Metallic (M) 2″ 60M 40M 60M3/ Hr
F  M 1.5″ 45M 40M 40M3/ Hr
PY 50 Metallic 2.5″ 40M 30M 25M3/ Hr
PY 40 Metal 2″ 35M 30M 17M3/ Hr
PY 30 Metallic 1.5″ 30M 30M 8M3/ Hr
RM Metal- Brass 1.5″ 30M 30M 8M3/ Hr
Plastic Plastic 1.5″ 30M 25M 7M3/ Hr
RM Metallic 1″ 20M 30M 6.5M3/ Hr
Plastic (P) Plastic- Hard Black 1″ 12M 10M 3M3/ Hr
Plastic P 3/4″ 7.5M 10M 2M3/ Hr
None Metallic Plastic 1/2″ 5M 10M 1.5M3/ Hr


When procuring a rain gun sprinkler, it is important to understand this tabulated information so a to settle on the most appropriate type


F. How much horsepower (Hp) does a rain gun sprinkler need?

This depends on the  inlet size of your rain gun sprinkler, the larger it is, the greater the water discharged, and so the more horsepower required

1″ and 1.5″ from 8.5Hp

2″ and 2.5″ from 10Hp

How To Choose Your RG Sprinkler

  1. Diameter of spray. The choice of diameter of spray is determined by the acreage under irrigation.  A grower with 10 acres will pick a larger diameter of spray than to a 1/4 acre farmer because s/he has a larger coverage.
  2. Flow rate. The flow rate preference is a factor of the crop type because different crops have different needs. A livestock farmer will grow his grass pasture well with a lower flow rate than a vegetable horticulture farmer. This is because the vegetables require much more water than grass. Another contributing factor to flow rate is the amount of water present, both must be aligned to avoid drying up the water source
  3. Pressure rating. This determines the water pump size to use with the sprinkler. The water pump’s head must be greater than the sprinkler’s to accommodate pressure losses during reticulation
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Comments (88)

  • Please advise, i have one acre of land near the river, it begins from the river with about 4meters height(deep), a gentle slope with a distance of 170 meters from the river.
    am considering to install solar irrigation system with sprinklers. Advice on which kind of a system and the price.

    • Good afternoon Amos,

      A solar powered water pump will do the small sprinklers but not a rain gun sprinkler which requires high pressure

      Please share your contact number on info@grekkon.co.ke for us to discuss this

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Good afternoon kindly assist me on choosing the right type of sprinkler for my farm.my farm is approx 6.5 acres and well levelled. It is 220by 150 meters in length.i have a borehole 20ft long .i have an engine pump connection size 2inch, a max output of 27m cubed/hr and a max head of 22.5m.advice on the the type of sprnkler i can use and all the fittings needed and if possibly attach me the budget i need the system ready latest monday.am located in malindi a place called chakama.my number 0715546768 or 0743873946 thatss my wifes number .kindly reach out to me..help a young farmer out.

    Dennis kahindi
    • Good evening Dennis,

      For your rain gun sprinkler cost, someone from our comnercial team will call you

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I’m in Meru Kenya and I need a rain gun 1″ 20m and a booster asap.

    James Kimathi
  • I am interested in a rain gun to irrigate maize in nakuru I am using a submassive water pump 1inch

    • Good morning Brian,

      For your rain gun sprinkler cost, we need to conduct a site assessment visit. Please share your contact number on; info@grekkon.co.ke for us to reach you

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • In case i have petrol water pump of 7HP then i happen to opt to do rice irrigation.Which rain gun sprinkler is suitable to select on a flat terrain

    • Good evening Ibra,

      Your rain gun sprinkler size will depend on the outlet diameter of your water pump. If it is 2″ for instance then a 2″ rain gun and below will work. Again, it needs to be a high pressure water pump. The 7Hp only indicates the engine rating

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hi Grekkon, one acre shamba on a flat terrain
    Pump size
    -inlet outlet diameter 3″
    -pump lift 28m
    -suction height 7m
    -60 cubic m/HR
    -water source… continuous flowing river
    What type of rain gun do you advice me to use?

    • Good evening Chepkwony,

      Your rain gun water pump is of low pressure and high volume. It’ll work with any size below 2.5″ of the PY and Atom type rain gun sprinklers

      However, it is unsuitable for the flange type rain gun sprinklers

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Can cabbage do well with sprinkler irrigation system, in regard to pest and disease during dry season

    • Good morning Mutai,

      Sprinkler irrigation on cabbage is encouraged when leaf sucking pests such as arphids affect your crop. It also helps raise humidity during the very dry months

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hi Grekkon. Kindly may I know if a 1″ or 1.5″ rain gun would work without pump if the area to be irrigated is steep and how I would determine flow rate with a given slope. Thanks

    • Good morning PK,

      Our 1.5″ and 1″ rain gun sprinklers in Kenya work under gravity flow if the slope’s vertical height aligns with the pressure rating

      These details will be advised during a site assessment visit or when procuring the rain gun sprinklers from any of our branches

      Best regards,
      Customer Service


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