Sprinkler Jet Micro Sprinklers

Sprinkler jet micro sprinklers by Grekkon Limited are for fruit tree, lawn, hedge, and small garden irrigation. Micro sprinklers are a cross between surface spray irrigation and drip irrigation. They are a substitute for button drippers where drip irrigation is impractical, but create a larger wetted area than drip irrigation. Micro sprinklers provide low precipitation which allows for longer watering time with low run-off. They are available in a wide range of plastic configurations.

Sprinkler Jet Micro Sprinklers Specifications

Micro sprinklers rating is according to; flow rate, wetting diameter or radius, and the wetting degree.

1. Operating pressure; from 15M head

2. Flow rate 80- 180 litres per hour

3. Irrigation degree; available as 90, 180, and 360 degrees

4. Irrigation radius; 1.5M to 3.5M

Micro sprinklers work when positioned upright, or upside down. Upright when they’re standing on the ground for normal irrigation. Upside down when set in a greenhouse, or open field crop to provide humidity to a mature crop or seedlings. This upside down placement is also for keeping plant foliage moist, or for overhead irrigation.

They deliver irrigation water through micro tubing to a series of nozzles attached to risers. They have small to medium sized droplets with good uniformity of coverage, and  lower precipitation rate.


Han g Upside-Down Nozzle Micro Sprinkler Nozzle Lantern Nozzle Rotating  Nozzle: Buy Online at Best Prices in Bangladesh | Daraz.com.bd

How to space micro sprinklers

Micro sprinklers placement is in such a manner that the sprays overlap. If for instance the irrigation diameter is radius is 1.5M, the distance between micro sprinklers will be 2.25M. This ensures that there are no dry spots in between. An overlap ensures full coverage particularly for lawns, hedges or very closely spaced crops.

How to use micro sprinklers with fruit trees

Set one micro sprinkler per tree, 30cm or 1 foot from the base of the tree trunk being irrigated. Unlike online or button drippers which work well with gravity, a water pump will be necessary when irrigating with many micro sprinklers.

The cost of sprinkler jet micro sprinklers at Grekkon Limited is from Kes 150 at any of our branches nationwide.

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