Fruit Farm Drip Irrigation

Grekkon Limited supplies fruit farm drip irrigation systems that are tailored for orchards in tropical climates. We install the button drip irrigation system on every fruit crop according to the farm size and crop spacing. This fruit irrigation kit will have an adjustable or none adjustable online dripper that emits water to the fruit tree. In this piece, we explore the importance of irrigation in fruit farming by picking button drippers irrigation system out of the various irrigation methods of fruit trees. Button dripers are the most appropriate system that can be applied in fruit trees.

  1. How to set up a fruit farm drip irrigation system

    A farm design determines the irrigation system outlay. With the design, a material bill of quantities follows.
    The cost of the system depends on the fruit tree spacing. An avocado crop spaced at 5M x 5M apart costs less than a passion fruit orchard or tree tomato crop spaced more closely because the latter will use more irrigation material.

  2. How to choose the right button drippers

    Adjustable button drippers are adjusted b hand to emit a farmer’s desired water volume to a tree. None adjustable button drippers are set in their emission flow and will provide uniform water.
    Adjustable drippers work well in smaller orchards and the latter in large-scale farms.

  3. How to install button drippers

    Use a button dripper punch to puncture holes on the 16mm HDPE pipe. Attach the button dripper in these holes


What is the cost of a 1-acre drip irrigation system?

Depending on the fruit tree spacing, drip irrigation on an acre of a fruit orchard is from Kes 45,000

Fruit Farm Drip Irrigation FAQs

a. What is the best way to irrigate fruit trees?

Button drippers are water-saving because they deliver water to the plant directly. A button dripper irrigation system consumes 20% of the amount of water an alternative irrigation system such as sprinklers will use.

b. What is the best system for watering fruit plants?

A button drip irrigation system is the best

c. Is a drip irrigation system efficient?

Yes it is

d. How much water do fruit trees need per day?

This depends on the growth stage of the plant. A fruiting tree consumes three times more water per day than a young tree. Four litres in a week for a mature fruiting tree is enough

e. What time of the day should you water fruit trees?

Irrigate in the morning or late evening to avoid losses to evaporation during the warmth of the day

f. Is watering at night bad?

Overhead irrigation must not be done at night because the wetness on the leaves makes them susceptible to fungal infections

g. How many minutes should you water a new tree?

It depends on the pressure of the system and irrigation method

h. Can you over-water a fruit tree?

Yes you can

Summary; fruit farm drip irrigation

A PVC or HDPE main and sub mainline systems to deliver irrigation water to the 16m HDPE line that has button drippers attached to irrigate each fruit tree. The mainline and sub-mainline size depends on the number of trees irrigated. A farm with 1,000 trees will use larger mainline and sub-mainline pipes than one with 50 trees.

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  • Need quote for complete drip irrigation system as below:
    Area 50 acres – 5,670 Citrus Trees – Drip Line length is 1,055 Mtrs.
    All fiitings, buttons, filters, connectors, UV protected lines needed.
    Installation by us, only instructions needed.
    Please send quote by email only – no phone calls at this stage please.
    Thanks, Zul Nazerally

    Zul Nazerally
  • am in kitui and want to venture in apple farming and mukuka plants in 3acres of land i av seen the drip system and like it how is the cost of intallation and buying the pipes can someone use hire purchase or credit services to buy them

    • Dear Emmanuel,

      Good afternoon and thank you for your enquiry. No we do not offer those services. It’s strictly cash.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I would like a quotation for 1 acre drip kit for garlic

    Mike Kihia

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