Passion Fruit Irrigation In Kenya

Passion fruit irrigation in Kenya by Grekkon Limited is through a button drip irrigation system. Our passion fruit irrigation in Kenya with simple irrigation systems consists of adjustable or none adjustable online drippers. We train commercial farmers on how to irrigate passion fruit in Kenya. This is so as to achieve the right fruit size, Brix, and crop maturity. Some farmers opt for the rain gun sprinkler system or rain hose kit when the crop is young and has not yet flowered. With these two irrigation systems, the farmers have a high-pressure water pump and a permanent water source. This is because they consume lots of water. Passion fruit spacing determines the final irrigation cost when using button drippers. The passion yield per acre is determined by the irrigation method adopted. Commercial passion fruit farming in Kenya is all under irrigation.

Passion Fruit Irrigation in Kenya FAQs

1. How much water does passion fruit need?

Passion fruit vines require 60 liters of water weekly. They need more at the younger stage. The water is spread out around the tree, not just at the base of the stem.

2. Which is the best irrigation system for passion fruits?

It depends on the amount of water available and the farmer’s budget. Button drip irrigation is the most water and labor-efficient but also the more expensive option. Rain gun sprinkler systems and rain hose kits are cheaper to install but are water inefficient and more laborious.

3. How much does it cost for passion fruit irrigation in Kenya?

A button drip system will cost from Kes 58,000 per acre. A rain hose kit or rain gun sprinkler system will cost from Kes 40,000 an acre. The operating cost of the button drip irrigation system will be very low throughout the crop’s life. The operational cost of the rain hose kit and the rain gun system will be high.


How To Install a Passion Fruit Irrigation System

i. Space your passion fruit crop at 3M x 2M apart.

ii. Erect a water tower at a minimum elevation of 3M if the system is button drip irrigation. A 10,000-liter capacity tank is for one acre

iii. Lay the mainline system which will be either PVC pipes or HDPE pipes.

iv. Connect the sub-main lines to the main lines

v. Connect the 16mm HDPE laterals to the sub-main lines

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  • I need a drip system for passion fruit spacing of 2m by 2.5m for 1000 vines/trees. What would be the cost?

    Robert Odak
    • Dear Robert,

      Good morning and thank you for your inquiry. Your button drip system approximate cost is Kes 80,000. However, a physical site assessment is necessary to a certain an accurate cost. Where is your farm located sir?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

      • Talk to me on this irrigation system

        • Dear Judy,

          Please share your phone contact.

          Best regards,

          Customer Service

  • I need ppr pipes rolls

    • Dear Alois,

      Currently, we supply HDPE rolls, and PVC pipes.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service


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