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Grekkon Limited’s green or white colour woven anti-bird nets for sale in Kenya are in rolls of 100M x 6M or 50M x 4M. Their role is to protect crop and fish from bird pests, without killing the birds. Our anti-bird net prices in Kenya per roll are similar by unit area in all our branches. In Kenya, strawberry, and apple farming are the largest consumers of bird nets. This is because birds love these fruits, and farmers protect them for they are high value products to be sold without blemish. Anti-bird nets are set up on all sides; roof and sides because birds will enter from any direction.

In strawberry greenhouse farming in Kenya, they are installed on the side to keep away bird pests, but to allow insects. Insects are key in strawberry production for the reason that pollination is needed for fruit development

Our bird net pores measure 20mm x 20mm in size



Anti-bird net roll by Grekkon Limited

A woven anti-bird net roll by Grekkon Limited


How To Bird Net Apple Trees

In the open field crop production, anti bird nets for strawberry, apples, grapes, and other high value crops destroyed by bird pests during fruiting are important 

1. Method 1. An Economical Choice In Large Scale Apple Growing

  • measure your apple tree size using this formula; [height + width]x2 x [height + width]x2
  • pick our UV stabilised, high integrity net from Grekkon Limited
  • lay it on the ground next to that apple tree
  • ready your self with a broom, or other broad base equipment with a long handle
  • get a helper- a tall one
  • stand one on either side of the tree and hook your broom under one edge of the net to lift it over
  • when you’ve gone as far as possible, take the broom out and get it under the net again a bit lower down and lift another section up onto the tree


How to measure your apple tree anti-bird net size


  • go to the other side of the tree and hook the edge of the net with the broom and pull it towards you
  • leave a little edge laying on the ground because most birds get in at ground level
  • weigh the net down with planks or stones or by gathering the net around the trunk and securing it
  • check for any holes or gaps


An anti- bird net on an apple tree


This method is the most cost effective as you only have your net covering where it’s needed. However, it is cumbersome, and as the trees outgrow the anti-bird net, the net will have to be changed

Method 2. Common In Lesser Acreage

Another way is to use timber poles or steel frames support systems. The net is laid as a roof, and also covers the sides

  • measure out and mark spots to dig out 1M deep.holes 3M apart by row and 3M apart from each other
  • set your 3M – 4M tall timber poles or metallic frames in these hole
  • firm them in position with soil or concrete
  • add strong wires or timber runners on the roof 1.5M or 2M apart to support the net
  • lay the bird net
Anti bird nets by Grekkon Limited

A bird net raised 3M above the ground in a young apple orchard by Grekkon Limited in Kiangwacii area, Kirinyaga county


The anti bird net will cover the sides to prevent bird entry


This method is quite expensive and the cost implication over large acreages will outweigh the benefits. However, it is not cumbersome and the net will not be changed as a result of crop growth

Method 3

For short crops like strawberry, a bird net support structure will be built above the crop on the planting beds upon which the net rests. This strawberry anti-bird net will cover the top and all sides to the bottom


A strawberry anti-bird net


How to use your anti-bird nets

1. In the greenhouse

 Anti bird nets are agricultural nets placed as side netting in greenhouse structures to prevent bird pest entry. Bird nets are in these specific greenhouses where the crop requires insect pollination to fruit, such as strawberries

2. Shade house

As a side netting for shade net houses, just as in a greenhouse. To keep away flying and none flight bird pests

3. Fish pond cover

To protect fish from kingfisher birds in aquaculture. It is the largest use of bird nets in the country so far

4. Fence

To ring fence, and as a top netting in free-range chicken raring. You will have a bird net as a fence and top netting on a small kitchen garden to keep off chicken and bird pests


Anti-bird net in an apple farm

Protecting an orchard from bird pests with an anti-bird net


Grekkon Limited’s anti bird nets price in Kenya is Kes 82 per meter square. A full roll is 50M by 4M which is 200 meters square or 1M x 600M which is 600 meters square


Choosing anti-bird nets by color

The use of these nets is relatively new in Kenya. However, with intense agriculture systems growing in the country, their demand increases every year. We supply green or white nets as preferred by the user. White nets reflect back excess heat to prevent the accumulation of high temperatures in a structure or fish pond. Use in warm low land locations. Green nets reflect less heat and are good in cool highland locations


Netting is one of the most common and utilized bird control methods. It physically blocks pest birds from the desired areas. Installation must not trap birds inside, but only block them from getting in. We train farmers on the proper installation of these nets to avoid damage and tearing. Physical damage reduces the net’s overall lifespan. Grekkon Limited encourages the use of profiles and wiggle wires during installation on a high net structure. Do not nail directly on the bird net, and avoid excess weight 

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Established in 2017, Grekkon Limited is a Kenyan agribusiness company. It specialises in the provision of; - Irrigation systems - Greenhouse construction - Dam liners installation - Water pumps - Solar dryers construction - Agriculture nets - Borehole drilling The company has operations offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Meru, and Nyahururu

Comments (19)

  • I need antibird net for my two vegetable gardens each measuring 8m x 14 m which includes the overhangs.
    1. Are the antbirds nets also UV protected and how long will the last?
    2. What is the cost per square metre?
    3. What other accessories are required in fixing the antbird nets? I have 7ft cedar poles.
    4. The nearest supply point for your company is Utawala. Are they available there? I am in Ruiru.

    Patrick Home
    • Good morning Patrick,

      Yes our bird nets are UV protected with the UV block guaranteed for 48 months. The bird net cost is Kes 75/M sq

      Other accessories needed to hold your bird nets are wires in between the poles

      We have bird nets available in our Utawala office

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I need a bird net for my mature apples in 1/4 acre orchard in Meru.
    Please advise

    • Good morning Rukunga,

      Your 1/4 acre bird net for apples is available in our Meru office. Please visit us or call us in Meru on (254) 113 679 873. Alternatively, inbox us your number and we’ll call you back

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • My space is 54×74 feet. Can bird nets also be used for monkeys. They are destroying my strawberries

    Eunice Mwathi
    • Good afternoon Eunice,

      Your total bird net requirement is 400M sq. The net will repel the monkeys so long as it’s intact without tear that creates gaping holes for their access

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I need a shed net for my strawberries how.much a roll in kitengela. 5mx4mx6m height.

    • Good morning Makokha,

      Our roll of 30% shade net price is Kes 13,000. This roll is 200M sq, which is sufficient to cover the area under consideration

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • My fish dam measures 43ft by 58.6ft.
    Kindly advice if I can get a customized size that will just cover fully .
    It’s very urgent. 0706561695

    Moses kabugute
    • Good evening Moses,

      Your 304M sq bird net price in Kenya is Kes 19,760. Anne in our Nairobi office will reach you

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • When give the cost per meter, does it include the installation cost or it’s the price of the material ONLY.

    Stephen Kyalo
    • Good morning David,

      This is the anti-bird net cost in Kenya for material only. The cost of installation depends on the project size.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Iam in need of it how can I get it am located at ongata rongai kajiado county. Can you deliver

    Mwathi pere
    • Dear Mwathi,

      This is available in our Utawala branch. Yes we’ll deliver to you in Rongai. Please share your number or call us on 0777 157 132

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hi Admin,
    I’m venturing in horticulture, the major challenge I’m faced with is bird pests. Area to be covered is approximately 7 acres. Kindly advise on the shade size and cost

    • Dear Peter,

      If your only challenge is birds, then you’ll only need an anti bird net. It will measure 169M x 169M= 28,561M sq to cover 7 acres @ Kes 72/M sq, so Kes 2,056,392.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Dear Sir/Madam. I intend to grow Avocado seedlings on an acre piece of land in the highlands of Rift Valley. What is the recommended shade net and Why? as indicated below:
    a. 55 or 75%?
    b. Green or Black?
    c. Woven or Knitting?

    • Dear Letuno,

      Thank you for your enquiry. In the early stages of your seedlings, start with 75% because your seedlings are tender at this point. When they’re more grown, move them to 55%, and eventually harden harden them completely in the open. The color doesn’t matter- it’s purely for aesthetic reasons. Our nets are knitted mono-filaments.

      For an acre measuring approximately 4,200M sq, you’ll require 21 rolls.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

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