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Grekkon Limited is a shade nets supplier in east Africa to crop, fish, and livestock farmers. Farmers in Kenya buy shade nets that are woven or knitted which are available at different shadings and colours.

In shade net farming the types of agricultural shade nets to select from by a grower are determined by the shading required. For instance, a grower doing vegetable crop nurseries will need more shading than one with a mature crop under shade. A farmer in a hot lowland climatic zone will use a net with higher shading than one in a cool highland climatic location for the same crop, at the same stage of growth. During the hardening stage of a crop, a farmer will use a lighter net than the one used in the earlier stage of the crop.



Shade Net Material In Kenya

What are the types of agricultural shade nets in Kenya?

1. According to the amount of shade required, Grekkon Limited has; 30%, 55%, 75%, and 90% shading. A greenhouse shade net is similar to an open field net.

2. According to color preference, we supply black and green nets.
The color of the net has no effect on its shading ability, but rather for blending purposes in the farm.

Shade net prices in Kenya?

1. 30% nets. Kes 65/ M square
2. 55% nets. Kes 80/ M square
3. 75% nets. Kes 110/M square
4. 90% nets. Kes 170/M square
When you buy a shade net, volume discounts apply.

Why are shade nets important?

Because they provide protection to a crop from excessive radiation and heat. They help the crop to retain moisture and grow vigorously, without any water loss stress.

How to do shade net farming in Kenya?

i. Select the right shade net material for your crop
ii. Build an appropriate shade net house or support the net 2M high to cover only the top


Shade Net Farming Selection Criteria

How to choose the right shade net

  1. Climate.

    Deeper shade nets in hot locations and lighter ones in cool locations

  2. Age of the crop.

    Deeper nets for the tender stage in the nursery and the lighter ones during the hardening stage or when the crop is more mature

  3. Crop type.

    Some crops thrive best when shaded and others will prefer to be fully exposed to sunlight

  4. By growing method; greenhouse or open field

    A greenhouse shade net will reduce the heat in the greenhouse structure.

Shade Net Farming in Kenya; summary

Grekkon Limited is the place to buy shade nets in Nairobi because our agronomy team expertly advises on the right net to use.

These three factors must be considered when choosing the right shade net on the farm. 90% nets are ideal for vegetable crop nurseries as the crop is very tender and vulnerable to heat stress. 75% nets are used in fruit tree or forestry nurseries because the plants are more heat tolerant than their vegetable counter parts. The choice of using 30% or 55% shade during the hardening stage depends on the state of the seedlings, and the prevailing climatic conditions.

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Comments (2)

  • Do you sell shade netting by the meter for domestic use?

    I require a piece 6 meters x 5 meters. 90% if possible, beige or white.

    Many thanks

    Kind regards

    David Waters

    David Waters
    • Dear David,

      Good afternoon and thank you for your enquiry. Our nets are 4M wide, so yours would be 4M x 8M to meet your size. 90% is available as black only. Will this work for you sir?

      Best regards,

      Customer service


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