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Greenhouse nets for sale in Kenya are shade nets. Shade nets by Grekkon limited are provided in shade percentage quantity provided. For instance, a 30% shade net will block out 30% of the sun, and so on. They cover the steel frame structure of the greenhouse to form a ‘shade house. Alternatively, a grower will overlay it on the polythene roof of the greenhouse structure to reduce temperatures in the hot season. Our greenhouse nets are UV treated to last 4 years without UV degradation.

These shade net prices and type are;

  1. 30% shade net for Kes 72/M sq
  2. 55% shade net for Kes 96/M sq
  3. 75% shade net for Kes 110/M sq
  4. 90% shade net for Kes 170/M sq

Each greenhouse net roll is 4M wide by  50M, so 200 meters square in area.

They are supplied as black or green colored units. A shade net’s colour has no bearing on it’s performance. It is for aesthetic reasons. A wooden or steel frame structure is where the net is supported.


How to Choose Greenhouse Nets

1. Crop type. Some crop types require higher light intensity than others. In this case, a lower shade % net is appropriate for the former. Fruiting crops such as; tomato, strawberry, capsicums, and so on require more light than leafy vegetables. Examples are; cabbage, spinach, collards, kale etc.

2. Crop stage of growth. The shade net in the nursery will block out more heat, than the one for established crops in the field

3. Location of the farm. In the highlands where the heat intensity is less, a lower shade net will protect crops well. In the mid to low altitudes where it’s hotter, a higher shade net works best.

4. Latitude. Countries such as Kenya lie along the equator where solar radiation is high. Your choice of greenhouse net will have higher UV treatment than that of a temperate region

The color of the net has bearing on the efficiency. It is purely ornamental

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Established in 2017, Grekkon Limited is a Kenyan agribusiness company. It specialises in the provision of; - Irrigation systems - Greenhouse construction - Dam liners installation - Water pumps - Solar dryers construction - Agriculture nets - Borehole drilling The company has operations offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Meru, and Nyahururu

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