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Grekkon Limited’s insect nets protect your crops against all insect pests that attack growing crops at any stage. Our insect screen nets have the following features.

  1. Have UV treatment. This is to keep away the harmful reflects of UV rays on crops, and to prevent quick degradation of the net as a result. The net has a usable lifespan of 6 years.
  2. Insect nets are white in color to provide a highly reflective, insect repelling surface.
  3. They come in two different pore sizes, 0.4mm and 0.9mm. The former keeps away the tiniest of insects such as white flies, which the latter pore size may not. 0.4mm pore size agricultural insect nets are for crops that are economically affected by such insects. Examples are; tomato and sweet pepper. 0.9mm is effective in crops like herbs or tree crops which white flies do not prey on. The 0.4mm net is 20% more expensive than the 0.9mm.
  4. It has 2 widths; 3 meters and 5.5 meters from which growers choose according to their project.


Insect nets in Kenya by Grekkon Limited


How to use insect nets in Kenya

  1. In your greenhouse

    An insect net is a side netting in a greenhouse structure to prevent insect pest entry.

  2. Solar dryers

    Grekkon Limited’s natural solar dryers, insect nets cover the airflow vents and also as a component of the shelf. On the shelf, to support drying of small gains such rice without them dropping off.

  3. In your shade net house

    As a side netting for shade houses- similar to a greenhouse.

  4. As a fish pond covering

    To cover a fish pond. As a safety measure for children and pests in a fish pond or small to a medium-sized water reservoir.

Insect nets FAQs

What is the cost of an insect net in Kenya?

1. Kes 80 per meter square for the 0.9mm mesh
2. Kes 150 per meter square for the 0.4mm mesh

What is the size of a roll of insect net?

i. A roll of 3M width is 50M long
ii. The 5.5.M width roll is 30M long

Can white flies and thrips go through the insect net?

They will not pass through the 0.4mm mesh net

How long will my insect net last?

Grekkon Limited’s insect nets are UV treated so that they are degraded by the sun’s UV rays for 6 years


We train farmers on the proper installation of insect nets to avoid damage and tearing. This reduces the net’s overall lifespan. Grekkon Limited’s technicians and agronomists are available to advise farmers on net selection, use, and installation.

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Established in 2017, Grekkon Limited is a Kenyan agribusiness company. It specialises in the provision of; - Irrigation systems - Greenhouse construction - Dam liners installation - Water pumps - Solar dryers construction - Agriculture nets - Borehole drilling The company has operations offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Meru, and Nyahururu

Comments (13)

  • DO you cut as per ones Pocket

    Charles odhiambo ondiegi
    • Dear Charles,

      Yes we do. How much do you need?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Kindly share your contacts.

    • Dear Brenda,

      Good morning. Reach us in Nairobi on 0715 157 132. Karibu!

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Hi Customer service,
    I would be needing approx 50 sq. m. of net – either bird net or 30% green shade net. It is to keep monkey’s out and I would add it onto a frame. How do I get this in Kilifi? Can I order and pay and then you send it? Which in your opinion would be better? I thought the bird net would be easier to water the little garden without requiring to enter with the hosepipe. Thank you Alex

    Susan Alex Percival
    • Dear Alex,

      Go for the bird net. We’ll send it to you in Kilifi, and to do this, we ask you to share your number with us.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

      • Hello, That is great, its 0748 363634

        Susan Alex Percival
  • Hello I need insect proof white net for screen house sweet potato vine production. Am in Uganda can you share telphone number. How much is afull pack and what are it’s measurements. In summary how much is each square meter.

    Okiror Anthony
    • Dear Okior,

      Good morning. A full roll is either 165M sq (5.5M x 30M) at Kes 16,500 or 150M sq (3M x 50M) at Kes 15,000. We deliver to Uganda from our Eldoret office, whose number is 0711 895 635. Alternatively, share your number and we’ll reach you.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Kindly get back to me on this..i need insect nets delivery is nairobi cell 0712398628

    • Dear Vance,

      This is well received. John in our commercial team will call you.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Hi, was wondering if I can use the net to prevent flies in a pig house?

    • Good morning Elizabeth,

      Yes you can.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service


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