Suction Pipes For Water Pumps


Grekkon limited’s suction pipes for water pumps in irrigation are available as 2″, 3″ and 4″ diameter hoses. Our green Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) suction pipes are designed to withstand high vacuum pressure without collapsing. This is why they are ringed internally to hold the tubing in place during water pumping

Our suction pipes for irrigation work with diesel and petrol generator water pumps, and electric centrifugal water pumps


Suction pipes for water pumps

A 2″ diameter suction pipe. Notice the dark green rings that allow it to withstand high pressure pumping without the walls collapsing

Suction Pipes Prices In Kenya

Pipe Diameter Price per M
2″ KES 460
3″ KES 810
4″ KES 1,430


Suction Pipes For Water Pumps


1. What is a suction pipe?

It is a pipe that draws water from source to the water pump for onward evacuation. It is a crucial component of every water pumping system

2. How does a suction system work?

By creating a partial vacuum that draws water into it’s hollow space. This water is conveyed to the pump through the suction pipe

3. What is the function of a suction pipe?

  • To draw water from the source and deliver it to the water pump
  • It plays a role in the overall friction loss of the system. The larger the diameter, the lesser the frictional losses

4. What is the maximum length of a suction pipe?

8M or 26.4 feet. The highest suction is achieved at sea level. As the altitude increases suction pressure reduces, which shortens the suction length

5. Where is the suction connected to a water pump?

It is connected to the inlet portal of a water pump. The diameter size of the inlet determines the size of the suction pipe; they must be equal


This video illustrates a 3″ suction pipe feeding water a high diesel water pump during irrigation

6. How long can a suction pipe be on a water pump?

Not more than 8M. The higher the vertical pumping head of the water pump, the shorter the suction pipe is

7. What are the components of a suction system?

  • the water source. This will be a stagnant reservoir, a flowing river or a storage unit such as a tank
  • a foot valve. is an accessory attached at the base of the suction pipe. It prevents the water from flowing backwards when the water pump ceases. This way, the water is maintained in the suction pipe when the water pump isn’t working, thus sustaining a suitable prime for the water pump, and preventing pump burnout



Suction pipes for water pumps

A 3″ and 2″ plastic foot valve

How a foot valve works


  • the suction pipes for water pumps which evacuate the water from the source to the water pumps
  • a water pump to receive for onward pumping of the water from the reservoir

8. How long can a suction pipe be on a water pump?

For as long as it is pumping

9. What is the minimum suction pressure?

0.6M. The best is 1.5M above the net positive suction head required (NPSHR). NPSHR is a fuction of the pump design

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