Natural Solar Dryers
Natural Solar Dryers
Natural solar dryer by Grekkon Limited

Natural Solar Dryers

Natural solar dryers for fruits and vegetables

Grekkon Limited is the largest supplier of natural solar dryers in east Africa.  We design and construct natural solar dryers according to the product, location, and drying volume per session. Our portable solar dryers are from UV treated polythene paper, UV treated nets, and steel bars galvanized with food-grade aluminum or zinc.

Our solar fruit dryers and vegetable dryers have shelves at different levels depending on the volume or weight of food crops to dry per session. As compared to open-air drying, solar dryers offer many advantages

  1. Speed of drying. Food dries four to five times faster.
  2. Quality. As the sun’s UV rays do not get into direct contact with the drying food, its, color, taste, scent and nutritional value is unaffected
  3. Cleanliness. The food is free from dust, sand or other external contaminants
  4. No pests. Insect, bird, or mammalian pests have no access to food in the dryer, so no attack occurs.
What are solar dryer prices in Kenya by Grekkon Limited?

We price according to design. Our smallest dryer is 3.4M cubic in size and is priced at Kes 48,000

How natural solar dryers work

  1. Heat

    They allow in diffused heat from the top and the sides, which heats up the air coming in from the air inlet. This hot air will exit with moisture in the air outlet.

  2. Anti- drip management

    Our UV treated polythene cover has anti-drip properties so water droplets do not form on it. It prevents dripping on the drying food which is a precursor for fungal development.


Grekkon Limited’s solar dryers dry; coffee, rice, cassava, tomato, moringa, and groundnuts. Other crops are; mushrooms, sorghum, and millet within east Africa. They are available in our Nairobi, Eldoret, and Nyeri outlets by on order. Our technicians in these locations will provide technical advice.

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