Venturi Fertigation System
Venturi Fertigation System
Venturi Fertigation System by Grekkon Limited

Venturi Fertigation System

A venturi fertigation system is an easy way of crop fertigation and pesticide drenching through the existing drip irrigation system. This fertigation system uses no external energy. s there is no energy needed.

Grekkon Limited’s venturi fertigation system has a bypass, a pump and a suction assembly.

For the system to work, there has to be a pressure difference between the inlet and outlet to create a vacuum to initiate suction at the intake port.

Water moving into the injector system speeds up as it enters a constricted channel of the injector, causing a reduction of pressure.

The reduction in water pressure causes fertilizer to rise up through the suction assembly into the water channel.

The difference between the inlet side of the injector and the outlet is small, thus creating a small vacuum. The result is creation of suction.

Where the difference in pressure is sizeable, a larger vacuum is created, resulting in a larger suction.

Advantages of Grekkon Limited’s venturi fertigation system

  • Has uniform injection rate from start to finish
  • You can regulate the rate of flow of fertilizer or chemical
  • It is cost effective as there is no external energy spent
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Zero maintenance cost

Selecting a venturi fertigation system

When selecting a venturi injector, take a size and model that matches your drip irrigation system. Consider one that matches your irrigation water flow rate. Generally, small sized injector system will restrict flow of the system, while an oversized system will have difficulties drawing fertilizers into the irrigation system.

Venturi injector sizes.

Venturi injectors come in different sizes as ½’, 3/4′, 1’, 1-1/4, 1-1/2; and to 2’’.  ½’’ and 3/4’’  are most popular with small and medium holder drip irrigation farmers.

When installing venturi injectors

The injector outlet must remain flooded for it to work effectively

Always install the injector in a vertically upward position, with the outlet above.

Grekkon Limited venturi fertigation system prices

½’’  Kes. 3,000

¾’’ Kes 4,500

We supply the most efficient and affordable venturi fertigation system in Kenya.

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