How To Unblock A Drip Line


How to unblock a drip line is now made easy by the introduction of Grekkon Limited’s Drip Clean. This drip irrigation cleaning chemical dissolves and solubilises mineral precipitates. These mineral precipitates clog drip line emitters in irrigation and fertigation systems. Key concerns we receive from farmers are;

  • How to clean drip emitters
  • Drip irrigation emitters not working
  • Cleaning of drip irrigation lines
  • How to fix drip irrigation systems

Drip Irrigation Line Cleaner: How to unblock a drip line

Cleaning drip irrigation lines using drip clean is by these steps

  • Add 1ml to 1 liter of water in your water tank
  • Release the mixture overnight throughout the entire drip irrigation system
  • Allow this mixture to remain in the system overnight
  • Flush the system the following morning
  • Carry on this once a week until the system is completely unblocked



Drip Clean Features

  1. Drip Clean contains 48% non ionic and anionic surfactants blend.
  2. It reduces the EC of fertiliser solutions. This reduces salt injury to the root system of greenhouse plants, and potted plants.
  3. It is an excellent wetting agent for growing media such as; saw dust, coco peat, peat moss, and manure.
  4. This is ideal as a regular additive to fertiliser tank mixtures as an adjuvant, solubiliser, compatibility enhancer, and for EC control.


How to unblock a drip line

How to keep your drip lines clean

1. Water cleanliness.

Irrigation water must be clear, without particles in suspension. These particles cause system clogging. The amount of dirt in the water determines the filtration system installed

2. Filtration.

A screen filter is for clean water flowing under low pressure. A disc filter is for water under high pressure and with particles in suspension. A sand filter is the best for dirty water.

How to clean your irrigation water filter

  •  Remove the screen or disc from the capsule
  • Soak the screen or disc filter in clean water
  • Gently scrub with a piece of cloth or soft brush
  • Return it to the system and run it for a few minutes

 3. Drip tape flow rate

Use drip tape with a flow rate of 1.6 liters per hour and above. The higher the flow rate, the less the blockage

4. Removable end caps

We install a removable end cap on the sub-main lines. This allows flushing in the event of clogging within the sub-main-line itself

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