Strawberry Irrigation In Kenya

Strawberry irrigation in Kenya by Grekkon Limited is by the installation of drip irrigation systems. We provide detailed advice on how to irrigate strawberries in Kenya to farmers countrywide. Strawberries are shallow-rooted crops that tend to dry out fast. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to these shallow roots. Provide the crop an inch of water per week in the early stages and 2.5 inches of water per week at the production stage. Avoid overhead irrigation because strawberries are prone to rot under soggy conditions if the leaves remain wet. The use of micro-sprinklers combats mites. Drip irrigation allows fertigation, which is an easy and direct way of applying fertiliser. Grekkon limited supplies and installs fertigation systems for open field and greenhouse strawberry farmers.

Regular watering produces large crops with larger leaf surfaces, which make more food and so more yield. In Kenya, strawberries are grown in the greenhouse and in the open field.

Mulching with a polythene mulch helps retain moisture and keep the leaves dry.

Cost of strawberry drip irrigation in Kenya;

Kes 130,000 per acre for 3 drip lines per bed. The bed is 1M wide with a path spacing of 0.4M

Strawberry Irrigation in Kenya FAQs

1. How do you irrigate strawberries?

Drip lines are between the soil surface and the mulch paper. At planting, punch holes on the mulch paper to plant the strawberries. Irrigate them immediately.

2. Do strawberries like wet soil?

No. The soil must drain within the day

3. Can you water strawberries too much?

Too much water damages the crop. The soil should be moist only.

4. Should I water my strawberry every day?

Strawberries require regular watering, especially during the fruiting stage. Give 1 inch to 2 inches of water daily per crop.

5. When is the best time to irrigate my strawberries?

Early morning when water loss through evaporation is low.


Strawberry Irrigation In Kenya Summary

Strawberry is sensitive to chloride in water, so do not use municipal water. Grekkon Limited’s technical team advises strawberry growers on best crop irrigation practices.


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