Steps To Irrigate Your Lawn


In this piece, we lay down the steps to irrigate your lawn by answering questions posed to us by lawn management enthusiasts at Grekkon Limited


1.How do you irrigate a lawn?

Your lawn irrigation system is from your lawn setup. This is your choice of layout and plants type

2. What irrigation method is most suitable for lawns?

Which irrigation method is most suitable for a lawn is from the lawn setup. There 2 methods to work with for your steps to irrigate your lawn; overhead and drip irrigation methods

1.1. Pop up sprinklers

These are sub-surface accessories that provide overhead irrigation to lawn grass. They are lawn grass irrigating tools because

  • when not in use, they remain hidden under the surface keeping your lawn tidy
  • their water discharge is high, so your lawn irrigation is fast
  • they discharge fine droplets, thus no damage to plant leaves
  • water distribution is uniform
  • pop up sprinklers are easy to automate to irrigate on a given day of the week, at a particular time, for a particular period of time
  • they are low maintenance


1.2. Pre perforated drip lines

  • They irrigate the lawn edges where flowers are closely together, or in between the lawns where flowers create a lawn pattern

1.3. Button drippers

They irrigate lawn trees or sparsely spaced hedges

1.4. Micro sprinklers

They’ll be on hanging gardens where irrigation water requirement is low and the water spread tight

3.When should I irrigate my lawn?

During the dry season. Do it in the early morning hours when temperatures are low. Warm or hot afternoon irrigation causes heavy water loss to evaporation. How long to water your lawn is a factor of your lawn’s water need. Irrigate for 15 to 20 minutes in the dry season, 4 days a week, and increase this interval to a day or 2 in the cooler months

4.How much does it cost to irrigate your lawn?

Your lawn irrigation system cost is Kes 150,000 per acre for an automated pop-up sprinkler system only

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