Tomato Drip Irrigation Kit

Grekkon Limited’s tomato drip irrigation kit is for crops with medium-range spacing. These are; tomato, cabbage, and peppers. A farmer will choose to have either raised beds or just plain lying land to install a tomato drip irrigation kit. Commercial tomato farming in Kenya is by irrigation. Irrigation is an integral cost of tomato farming in Kenya. To recoup this cost, the best time to plant tomato in Kenya is during the dry season, to harvest in the rainy season when prices are high. This is for open field tomato farming ventures.

How to install a drip irrigation system on; tomato/ cabbage/peppers

  1. Bed making

    Your beds will be 0.8M wide to allow for 2 rows of drip lines, and 30cm high for good drainage. Drainage is key to prevent bulb rot for onions and garlic, and root rot for beans as a result of too much standing water.

  2. Drip irrigation tapes laying

    Place 2 rows of drip lines per bed. Each drip line row is 20cm apart and will be 20cm from the edge of the bed. Where no beds are made, each row is 30cm apart.



Tomato Drip Irrigation Kit FAQs

Is drip irrigation good for tomatoes?

Drip irrigation is the best for tomatoes because no water is in contact with the leaves. Too much moisture on tomato leaves is a precursor for fungal infections such as early and late blight.

What is the best irrigation system for tomatoes?

Drip irrigation is the best system for tomato because it is water-efficient by providing water directly to the plants in measured quantities

How much water do tomatoes need drip irrigation?

An acre of land should retain 10,000litres of water t any time to meet the water demands of your tomato crop

How do you drip water tomatoes?

Use 20cm or 30cm emitter drip tapes. Water early in the morning and avoid late evening irrigation

How long should vegetables run drip irrigation?

When the soil is wet enough, but without a runoff

Visit any of our offices in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Meru, and Nyahururu, or reach us in the email and phone contacts on this website for installation details.

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