HDPE Fittings Price In Kenya


What Are HDPE Fittings?

Grekkon Limited’s HDPE  fittings price in Kenya is according to unit size, and type. Our compression HDPE fittings are PN16 plastic units designed to work with HDPE pipes to. connect HDPE pipes to each other, to other pipes, or accessories. They attach HDPE pipes other pipes such as PVC pipes, GI pipes, and delivery pipes in irrigation. Pressure nominal, abbreviated as PN is a measure of the maximum allowable internal pressure in bars of a mechanical component at 20 degree celcius

HDPE fittings price in Kenya is less for bulk purchases. Lessor quantity of units costs more. These HDPE fittings range from 20mm to 315mm. Our HDPE fittings are rated as PN 16, meaning they are tough to withstand breakage from intense water pressure, and falls. They have anti-UV treatment to protect them against rapid solar degradation



HDPE Fittings in Kenya By Grekkon Limited

Compression tee, PN16


Male adaptor

HDPE Fittings Price In Kenya

20 150
25 200
32 230
40 435
50 645
63 1,400
75 1,550
90 1,790
110 2,890


HDPE equal elbow by Grekkon Limited

HDPE equal elbow

20 150
25 170
32 210
40 475
50 610
63 1,035
75 1,330
90 1,930
110 3,163




900 TEE
20 120
25 150
32 290
40 520
50 880
63 1,425
75 1,930
90 2,890
110 4,680


We have retail and wholesale prices depending on the quantity purchased. For specific fittings prices, we quote on request. Farmers have a choice of our PVC irrigation system (PVC pipes + PVC fittings) or HDPE irrigation system (HDPE pipes + fittings). The difference is that PVC irrigation systems must be sub-surface because the pipe and fittings do not have UV-block. However, they are cheaper than PVC pipes and fittings

HDPE Fittings Installation

  • Adaptors; male and female adaptors. They connect the HDPE pipe to another pipe type such as PVC pipe, GI pipe, delivery, or PVR pipe. They connect it too to tanks and water pumps
  • Connectors; equal connectors and reducing connectors. Equal connectors connect pipes of equal sizes. Reducing connectors connect HDPE pipes of different sizes
  •  Elbows; equal elbows, male elbows, female elbows. They are used as joiners to change the pipe’s direction to the left, right, up, or down. Our equal elbows are 90 or 45 degrees
  • End caps of all sizes. Fixed at the end of the pipe, they cork or close it to prevent water flow
  • Tees; equal tees, male or female threaded tees, and reducer tees. Equal tees connect HDPE pipes of equal sizes. The threaded tees connect the HDPE pipe to other fittings such as saddle clamps, tank connectors, and ball valves/ ball corks, or other pipe types. The reducer tees connect HDPE pipes of different sizes


HDPE female adaptor by Grekkon Limited

HDPE female adaptor





HDPE fittings prices in Kenya

HDPE end cap



I. What fittings are used with HDPE pipes?

HDPE fittings names used with HDPE pipes are; connectors, elbows, tees, end caps, male and female adaptors, end caps. These are further categorised as threaded such as threaded tees, reducers such as reducing connectors/ couplings, and by angle, such 45 degree or 90 degrees elbows

II. Can you use PVC fittings on a HDPE pipe?

Yes if it is threaded, but it will be attached to a HDPE fitting and not directly to the pipe. For instance a PVC valve socket will be attached to a HDPE female adaptor

III. How do you join HDPE pipe fittings?

The coloured sides (Grekkon’s HDPE fittings are blue) that taper are the ones that connect to the HDPE pipe

IV. How do I join 2 HDPE pipes?

With a connector/ coupling for pipes of the same diameter size, or with a reducing connector/ coupling for pipes with different diameter sizes

V. Is HDPE cheaper than steel?

Our HDPE fittings are more expensive than their cast iron counterparts for the reason that they are corrosion resistant

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  • Pls share your list of pipe and fittings and current prices thank

    • Good afternoon Jack,

      For our HDPE pioes and fittings prices, send us your specific requurements on info@grekkon.co.kevfor us to issue you with a detailed quote

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I request an urgent quote of HDPE PN 16 110*75 Butt weld Reducers 108 Pieces to kampala Uganda by Bus

    Robert Jude
    • Good afternoon Robert,

      Our 110mm x 75mm reducer is Kes 3,350 / $25. For your butt fusion fittings, please share with us the sizes and types

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I need irrigation pipes system for a 2 acre farm @ Tala area of Machakos county. How would you assist me with the various requirements eg. Drips system and sprinkler systems?

    David Wanjohi Gachanja
    • Good morning David,

      We’ll do a site assessment visit to determine what is needed. Please email us your contact number on info@grekkon.co.ke

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I sell HDPE plus other plumbing accessories from Machakos town. Do you supply to retailers.

  • I run an hardware and I wanted to get your quotation on the various sizes and qualities of your pipes and fittings for my stocking

    Samson musembi
    • Good evening Samuel,

      Please share with us gour contqct number on info@grekkon.co.ke

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I am writing from Saba Star Group Co. Ltd Juba, south Sudan. We have an intension to purchase HDPE Pipe and fittings from you and would like to establish business relations with you in the future. Would you please confirm if you are dealing with HDPE fitting supply or not. If so, please contact us using WhatsApp No.: +211926900172 and mail: precurement@sabastargroup.com.
    Awaiting your prompt response,
    Abebe Terefe
    Manager, Procurement

    Abebe Terefe
    • Good morning Abebe,

      We are a large supplier of HDPE pipes and HDPE fittings. Our commercial team will reach out to you shortly

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hey.what medium can I send you a list of items that I need

    • Good evening Cyrus,

      Please share your list of HDPE fittings prices requirements on; info@grekkon.co.ke

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Am Raphael and I need to know what fitting do I need to buy to connect HDPE pipe 32mm with submissive pump.

    • Good evening Raphael,

      Your 32mm HDPE pipe fittings in Kenya for the submersible water pumps are; a male adaptor, elbows and an end cap

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Prices for hdpe pipes and fittings

    Caleb Were
    • Good evening Caleb,

      For your cost of HDPE pipes and fittings in Kenya, share with us your size, thicknesses and particular fitting type

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Am requesting for a quotation for survey , permits and drilling of borehole for a school in Enduet village in Rombo loitoktok. Please address to CEO , Veronica Ntitiyo, naserian Girls empowerment program .

    • Good evening Lepantas,

      Our commercial team will respond on Monday morning.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service


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