Steps To Install Drip Irrigation

Grekkon Limited’s steps to install drip irrigation systems are a drip installation guide to farmers. Knowing how to install a drip irrigation system helps in system management. Our steps to install drip irrigation systems answers these often posed questions.

  1. How do you install drip irrigation kits?
  2. What is the process of drip irrigation?
  3. What is the average cost for installing a drip irrigation system?
  4. How much does it cost to install drip irrigation on 1 acre?
  5. What are the pros and cons of drip irrigation?
  6. What are the two main types of drip irrigation?

Steps To Install Drip Irrigation Systems

I. Site survey

It identifies the layout of the drip irrigation system. The size of the land, the direction of the slope, and the height of the gradient are key considerations here. Land size advises on the main pipe and sub-main pipe sizes

II. Water source identification

Is this drip irrigation by gravity flow or water pump powered? The amount of water will determine the size of the blocks and the number of hydrants put up. Also, water cleanliness and pressure type will guide the filter type

III. Pipe laying

Trenching is for PVC main and sub-main lines which are subsurface. HDPE pipes are surface pipes unless the farmer opts to bury them.

IV. Drip lines laying by drip irrigation type. How to connect drip irrigation tubing

i. Vegetables. Your drip lines will connect to the sub-surface PVC sub-main pipes by a 30cm long 16mm HDPE pipe. The 16mm HDPE connection to the PVC pipe is by a starter connector. An offtake connector joins the 16mm HDPE pipe to the drip tape. The end cap is at the end of the drip line. A drip to drip connector is used on damaged drip tape or when 2 drip tapes connect

ii. Fruit tree irrigation. Your 16mm HDPE pipe will connect to the sub-surface PVC or HDPE sub-main pipes by a starter connector. The end line is at the end of the 16mm HDPE line. A PE to PE connector is used on damaged HDPE pipe or when 2 HDPE pipes connect. Online button drippers are inserted on the 16mm HDPE for each tree. This is how to connect drip emitters

V. How to install drip irrigation to an existing sprinkler system

The 2 systems will share the mainline. A new sub-main line will be laid for the drip irrigation system

Steps To Install Drip Irrigation Systems; pros & cons

  • they conserve water
  • there is uniform crop maturity because each plant receives the same amount of water
  • it saves on labor cost
  • it is expensive to install

Steps To Install Drip Irrigation Kit; cost

Our drip installation cost by land size is

1. Kadogo drip kit price; 10M x 5M, 10M x 20M, and 20M x 30M. Kes 3,500
2. 1/8 acre kits; 506M sq. Kes 17,500
3. 1/4 acre drip irrigation kits; 32M x 32M/ 1,024M sq. Kes 33,000
4. 1/2 acre drip kits; 2,025M sq. Kes 65,000

5. 3/4 acre drip kits; 3,036M sq. Kes 80,000
6. 1-acre drip irrigation kit price; 4,048M sq. Kes 120,000

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