Button Drippers

Button drippers for sale by Grekkon Limited irrigate orchards, biennials, perennials, hedge, and forest trees. Our online button drippers irrigate each tree according to its water requirement. These drippers will be on the pipe at the base of the tree or other crops by making a perforation on the 16mm HDPE pipe. Our button drippers are a part of our drip fittings in Kenya.

 Grekkon limited supplies 2 types of button drippers in Kenya;

  1. Adjustable button drippers. The farmer has complete control over the volume of water emitted by these drippers. From zero liters per hour (complete shut off) to seventy liters per hour (completely open). They have color codes in red and come in various sizes according to the manufacturer. The discharge specs remain similar. The advantage of this type is that a farmer gets to decide how much water to give to each plant. Adjust for a tree that needs more to receive as much, and vice versa. The downside is that one may under or over irrigate unwillingly


  1. Button drippers by Grekkon Limited in Karura, Kiambu county


2. Non-adjustable types. They irrigate according to the manufacturer’s set water discharge rate. Every discharge type is color-coded for ease of identification. They provide a uniform amount of water to each tree crop. On the negative, one cannot adjust to individual crop water needs.


How to use Button Drippers

  1. Crop type choice

    In Kenya, drippers are on fruits, with the largest users being growers of; passion fruit, banana plantations, avocado, macadamia, tangerine, orange, tree tomato, apples, and mango. The largest none fruit users are khat farm
  1. Right drippers

    Our technical team advises growers on the most appropriate type of drippers to use and the number based on; crop population, acreage, crop water requirement, and available water pressure. These button drippers for sale are available in our outlets countrywide

  2. Irrigation time

    The drippers irrigation period is determined by the volume of water available in the system and the pressure. This assumes that the pressure too. It will take longer if both or one of them is low.

Button Drippers FAQs

What is the cost of an adjustable button dripper?

An adjustable button dripper is Kes 15 apiece

What is the cost of a drip irrigation system kit in an orchard?

From Kes 55,000 depending on the tree population

What size drip emitter should I use?

We recommend a drip emitter of 2 liters per hour and above

How many emitters can I put on a line?

Depending on the size or age of the tree, one to four emitters are enough

How many emitters do you need per tree?

Up to 4 emitters will be used per tree. Check how much water your tree requires, then check how much water one button dripper emits to arrive at the dripper number

How do you replace a drip emitter?

Adjustable button drippers are easier to close completely so that they emit no water than replacing them. Then add another button dripper adjacent to the old one

Should I bury my drip line?

Yes you can but leave the button dripper on the surface

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  • I am interested in buying your buttons for irrigation.
    How can I find you in Nyeri?

    francis Korage
    • Good afternoon Francis and thank you for your inquiry. In Nyeri we’re located at Tazama area along Addis Ababa road (newly tarmacked road opposite YMCA that terminates at Nyamachaki), and we have button dripper available. Our office contact is 0735 962 626. We’ll be glad to attend to you sir. Karibu!

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Can I be able to irrigate butternut squash and pumpkins on drip line rows using the drip button emitters?

    Cliff Thomas Mboya
    • Dear Thomas,

      The best system for butternut and squash is the pre-perforated drip irrigation kits, not button drippers. Learn more about drip irrigation kits here


      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Kindly need quotation for button irrigation for 20 fruit trees

    Wilson Njoroge Ndungu
    • Dear Wilson,
      Good morning. Some quetions

      1. What is your fruit tree spacing
      2. What is the distance from your water source to the trees?
      3. Is it by gravity of pump pressure

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Hello , i need drip tape 30cm intervall pre pderforated a total length of 200m.
    Can you send to Kampala, through the Bus. How much will it cost plus end 10 cups.
    I also need green house poly sheet for 7 x 15m house.

    Sam Patrick Ogwang
    • Dear Sam,

      We have shared the quote with you on email.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service


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