Adjustable Button Dripper

Adjustable Button Dripper

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Adjustable Online Dripper

Grekkon Limited offers this product at the most attractive price around which satisfy the requirements of both strength and durability.

Description: 0-70L/H @1 Bar

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 Adjustable Button Dripper

Every Grekkon limited’s adjustable button dripper is well calibrated to properly function. An adjustable button dripper is an irrigation accessory that emits water at a given rate when connected to an HDPE pipe. They irrigate orchards, biennials, perennials, hedge trees, and forest trees. Each tree takes one or more button drippers. Button drippers are on the pipe at the base of the tree or other crop by making a perforation on the HDPE pipe. They regulate water along the system for uniform flow so that irrespective of the gradient, every plant will receive an equal amount of irrigation water.

 Grekkon limited supplies 2 types of button drippers;

  1. Adjustable types. The farmer has complete control over the volume of water emitted by these drippers. From zero liters per hour (complete shut off) to seventy liters per hour (completely open). They are red and come in various sizes according to the manufacturer. The discharge specs remain similar. The advantage of this type is that a farmer gets to decide how much water to give to each plant.  The downside is that one may under or over irrigate unwillingly.
  2. Non-adjustable types. These types are none adjustable for water flow rate and it irrigates according to the manufacturer’s set water discharge rate. Every discharge type is color-coded for ease of identification. For instance, blue for 20 liters per hour discharge, and black for 30 liters per hour discharge. On the positive side, they provide a uniform amount of water to each tree crop. On the negative, one cannot adjust to individual crop water needs.

How to use an adjustable button dripper

An adjustable button dripper is in fruits such as passion fruit, banana plantations, and avocado. Others are; macadamia, tangerine, orange, tree tomato, apples, and mango. The largest none fruit users are khat farmers.

Our technical team advises growers on the most appropriate type of right button drippers to use. This is based on; crop population, acreage, crop water requirement, and available water pressure. These button drippers are available in any of our outlets in Nairobi, Eldoret, and Nyeri.



Description: 0-70L/H @1 Bar

Available in:

Description: 0-70L/H @1 Bar


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