drip irrigation accessories

drip irrigation accessories
Drip kits

Grekkon Limited’s drip kits in Kenya are designed for smallholder farmers, kitchen gardens and hobby growers. We design each kit to specific parameters which makes them easy to assemble and install, quick to use and efficient in irrigation. Our drip kits are as below Kitchen garden kits; 10M x 5M,…

Drip Irrigation System by Grekkon Limited

What is Drip Irrigation? Drip irrigation is a controlled method of watering crops where delivery of water is done through a system of pipes, valves and emitters directly to the root zone of individual plants. The water is delivered in the right amounts and at the right time, so each…

Button Drippers

Button drippers are irrigation accessories that emit water at a given rate when connected to a HDPE pipe. They are used to irrigate orchards, biennials, perennials, hedge tress, and forest trees. Each tree depending on its water requirement is watered using one or more button dripper. Button drippers are added…

Mini Valves

HDPE to HDPE mini valves. These connect a PE pipe to another PE pipe. They are largely used in irrigation systems where the 16mm PE pipe supplies drip water to the crop directly such as in orchards, forestry hedges, and lawns. I. PE to PE mini valves have 3 consecutive…

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