Drip Fittings

Grekkon Limited’s has the best prices for drip fittings to serve farmers, retailers, and irrigation technicians. Our 16mm drip fittings are UV-treated plastic for tropical equatorial climates, to work in the open field and greenhouse crops. We support our clients with technical know-how from our team of drip irrigation experts.

All our drip fittings are reputable for quality and ease of use. We tailor them from our several manufacturers with specifications for the African grower. Each fitting has a specific role in the drip irrigation system.

Types of drip fittings

  1. Starter connector. The starter connector is a grooved accessory on both ends. A rubber fits the short end to connect to the PVC or HDPE water pipe. The long meets the drip line.
  2. Mini valve. Just like the starter connector, this connects the PVC or HDPE water pipe to the drip line. It has two grooved ends, one short and the other one long. Just like the starter connector, it supplies water to the drip line from the mainline. The difference is that it has a tap to regulate water flow on the drip line.
  3. Rubber/ grommet. It is the seal that prevents water leakage between the water supply line and the starter connector or mini valve. The ‘H’ type or ‘T’ type rubber works here.
  4. Drip Connector. It joins one end of the drip line to another.
  5. Drip End cap. As the name suggests, it is installed at the end of the drip line to keep water within the drip pipe.

Drip Fittings Prices

  1. Starter connector. Kes 12

    Starter connector by Grekkon Limited

  2. Mini valve. Kes 55

    Mini valve

  3. Drip connectors. Kes 10

    Drip fittings. Drip connector by Grekkon Limited

  4. Rubber. Kes 10

    Drip fittings: Rubber by Grekkon Limited

  5. End cap. Kes 10

    Drip fittings: Drip end cap by Grekkon Limited by

Our drip fittings are designed to withstand high water pressure along the irrigation system. They do not disconnect, leak, or tear apart under high pressure. We sell them as part of the drip irrigation kit, or by themselves.

In large irrigation scale projects, proper installation of these fittings allows flawless irrigation water movement along the system to every plant.

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