button drip irrigation in Kenya

button drip irrigation in Kenya
Drip Fittings

Grekkon Limited’s has the best prices for drip fittings to serve farmers, retailers, and irrigation technicians. Our 16mm drip fittings are UV treated plastic for tropical equatorial climates. We support our clients with technical know-how from our team of drip irrigation experts. All our drip fittings are reputable for quality…

Drip kits

Grekkon Limited is an irrigation company in Kenya with drip kits for vegetable or orchard drip irrigation in Kenya. Our drip kits for sale start from the kadogo drip kit (kitchen gardens) to 1 acre drip irrigation kits. As an irrigation systems supplies company in Kenya, we provide drip irrigation…

Mini Valves

HDPE to HDPE mini valves. These connect a PE pipe to another PE pipe. Grekkon Limited’s mini valves are in irrigation systems where the 16mm PE pipe supplies drip water to the crop directly such as in orchards, forestry hedges, and lawns. PE to PE mini valves have 3 consecutive…

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