Mini Valves


HDPE to HDPE mini valves. These connect a PE pipe to another PE pipe. Grekkon Limited’s mini valves are in irrigation systems where the 16mm PE pipe supplies drip water to the crop directly such as in orchards, forestry hedges, and lawns.

  • PE to PE mini valves have 3 consecutive grooves on each side. To connect the open ends of 16mm PE pipes to each other. They also connect the open ends of 16mm PE pipes to the open ends of 16mm drip tapes that connect the open ends of 16mm drip pipes
  • From a sub-main pipe to a drip pipe. These ones connect a PE pipe to a drip pipe. They are common in drip irrigation systems where the grower wants to regulate water flow to each drip line individually. One end has three grooves to connect the open ends of a 16 mm HDPE pipe. The other end has two grooves and a rubber allowance for insertion into a 16mm hole on the side of the sub-main PVC or HDPE pipe.


Mini Valves

Choosing your mini valves in your irrigation system

Mini valves are designed for use based on water present water pressure and the connection method.

How to select the right mini valve

  1. Water pressure

    If it is high, for example when using a pump to power the flow, use the lock type. Where water pressure is low or gravity-assisted, the barbed type is fine

  2. Connection type

    A mini valve with an allowance for rubber insertion is used if connecting from a sub main line to a 16mm PE or drip pipe. The three grooved type is used to connect the open end of 16mm PE pipes and drip pipes to each other

The Grekkon Limited’s technical and agronomy team support first-time users of these valves through training and field demos. Visit any of our stores in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Meru and Nyahururu.



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