Water Pumps For Irrigation


As a large water pumps supplier in Kenya, Grekkon Limited provides the widest range of water pumps for irrigation in Kenya. Our water pumps for sale in Kenya evacuate irrigation water under  moderate to high pressure. To provide the best water pump in Kenya, we categorize them by role, by placement and by power

Water Pumps For Irrigation

How many types of water pumps are there?

    1. Categorization by role

  1.  High-pressure pumps. These are water pumps with a head that exceeds 50M. The definition of head is how high that pump will push water vertically at a ninety degrees angle. They push water at high elevations or from a deep source such as a borehole or underground tank. There are high pressure, low water volume pumps, and high pressure, high water volume variations. The latter is the most expensive, be they generator, solar or electric powered pumps.

    Low-pressure pumps. These are water pumps with a head that is below 50M. Here, there are low pressure, low water volume pumps, and low pressure, high water volume ones. Low-pressure pumps are the least expensive. They deliver water over short elevations or as booster pumps- to provide additional pressure. Booster pumps are electric



2. Categorization by placement

Surface pumps. All generator pumps (petrol and diesel) are surface pumps. They work out of the water during operation. We have solar-powered and electric powered surface pumps. They pump water in all directions; vertically, horizontally and diagonally. 


grekkon solar surface pump

Solar and electric surface pumps (green), and electric and solar water submersible pumps

Submersible pumps. These work in the water during operation. They pump water vertically from a well, borehole, reservoir, lake, river or from an underground tank. All have stainless steel plates and are either solar or electric powered

3. Categorization by power

Solar water pumps. They use energy from the sun converted into an electric current. This energy is provided by solar panels. The number of solar panels to use depends on the amount of power required by the pump.motor, given in kilowatts (Kw) or horse power (Hp). The motor provides the power to drive the pump

Electric pumps. They use electric power from the grid. We have a single phase and 3 phase pumps. The former will work with a single-phase electric setting. The latter will only work with a 3 phase electric setting. Electric water pumps are powered by an electric motor, jus like solar pumps. The power rating for this motor is given in Kw or Hp

Generator pumps. Powered by a petrol or diesel engine whose power rating is given Hp



Generator water pumps carbon emissions

The downside of petrol and  diesel water pumps is CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming, the chief reason for negative climate change being experienced today. To calculate the quantity of CO2 emission from a diesel water pump, multiply the fuel usage in litres by a factor of 2.67. For example; a pump that consumes 100 litres of diesel per month emits 267kgs of CO2 emissions monthly. For a ptrol water pump, multiply by a factor of 2.305. For example; a pump that consumes 100 litres of petrol per month emits 230.5kgs of CO2 emissions monthly.

Water Pumps For Irrigation; prices

Which is the best water pump to buy? 

The tabulations below aligns our water pumps specs, to guide on the the best water pump to buy

1. Solar water pump prices

Model No Power Hp Head (M) Flow rate (liters/ hour) Price in Kes
DW 1050 0.5 34 3,000 18,000
DW 1100 1 67 2,500 20,800
DW 1150 1.5 81 3,000 27,900
DW 2000 2 108 3,000 35,000
SBH 1050 0.5 54 3,000 23,000
SBH 1100 1 95 2,500 25,000
SBH 1500 1.5 128 4,500 36,500
SBH 2000 2 168 4,500 43,800
SBH 3000 3 237 4,500 56,500
SBH 4000 4 270 4,500 70,000
SBH 4000-3 4 304 4,500 82,200


Model No Power Hp Watts No & Panel Size Head (M) Flow rate (liters/ hour) Price in Kes
SP 0.5N 0.6 700 300W x 1pc 40M 5,800 37,120
SP 0.6N 0.8 1,200 300W x 2pcs 60M 5,800 40,215
SP 0.8N 1.1 1,300 300W x 3pcs 70M 5,800 46,400
SP 1.0N 1.3 1,400 300W x 3pcs 80M 5,800 52,600



2. Generator water pump prices

2.1. 14 Hp High-pressure diesel water pumps

They will power large sprinklers, the rain hose irrigation kit, and push water up steep gradients of up to 50M in height. All have a 3” outlet

Specs; head, flow rate, and horsepower
Price in KES
Stallion 75M, 39 cubic per hour and 14Hp KES 70,000
Carltons UK 85M, 45 cubic per hour and 14Hp KES 75,000
Power Italia 95M, 39 cubic per hour and 14Hp KES 80,000


2.2. 16Hp High-pressure diesel water pumps

Specs; head, flow rate, and horsepower
Price in KES
Lifan 84M, 41 cubic per hour and 16Hp KES 85,000
Power Italia*
55M, 120 cubic per hour and 16Hp KES 95,000


2.3. High-pressure petrol water pumps

Specs; head, flow rate, and horsepower
Price in KES
Lifan 60M, 37.8 cubic per hour and 7.5Hp KES 32,000
Carltons UK 60M, 37.8 cubic per hour and 8.5Hp KES 35,000
75M, 20 cubic per hour and 7Hp KES 35,000


2.4. Low-pressure petrol water pumps

Specs; head, flow rate, and horsepower
Price in KES
Daishin Honda 32M, 60 cubic per hour and 7Hp KES 32,000
KATO 48M, 36 cubic per hour and 6.5Hp KES 18,000


How to select an irrigation water pump

I. Elevation

High pressure water pumps are necessary in moderate to steep elevations, while low pressure water pumps are ok on flat terrain. High pressure generator water pumps have a double impeller. This is what makes them powerful enough to evacuate water over a high gradient

II. By location

Solar surface or submersible water pumps or diesel and petrol generator pumps are the only options in off-grid electricity locations. If an electric water pump will be used, then it will be powered by a fuel generator. Electric water pumps on the other hand are restricted to locations that have  power connection . Electric water pumps motor ratings are categorised as single or three-phase power depending on the size. This is key to note during purchase so that the motor matches the power phase on location. Three-phase is for the larger more powerful motors, while signle phase is for the smaller, less powerful electric motors

III. By irrigation method

A farmer doing basin or farrow irrigation requires less pressure than one doing overhead irrigation through rain gun sprinklers. Both  irrigation methods need lots of water, but to rotate a rain gun sprinkler, high pressure is required. A grower who has a drip irrigation system will water his crop through gravity.  Another one with a  1-1/2″ rain hose irrigation kit will need a high volume water pump


Overhead sprinklers require higher pressure than basin flood or drip irrigation systems

IV Water source

Is it surface or well water? How deep is the well? Surface water pumps such as diesel, petrol, electric and solar centrifugals draw surface water from water pans, rivers,  and lakes. Submersible solar or electric water pumps are for wells. The size of the submersible water pump depends on the drawing depth, and the amount of water needed. The deeper the well, the larger the submersible water pump needed

V. Land size

The larger the acreage under irrigation, the larger the water pump, and vice versa. A small kitchen garden is easily irrigated with a small domestic electric booster pump. A plantation crop spanning 30 acres will require a large surface water pump

VI. Crop type

Certain crops such as onion, garlic, brassicas, grass, maize, carrot and many others will thrive under overhead irrigation. Others are better irrigated with drip irrigation such as tomato, peppers, chillies because they succumb easily to fungal infections as a result of water settling on their leaves for long. Rice is best grown under basin irrigation

VII. Water quality

If your irrigation water is of poor quality as a result of suspended particles, buy a water pump designed for that water quality. Most irrigation systems have a filtration system and therefore this rarely comes into play

VIII. Budget

Different types of water pumps are priced differently. Solar water pumps have the highest installation cost, but the least operational costs. Petrol and diesel water pumps are the cheapest to buy, but are expensive to run over time because they are high maintenance 



Types of water pumps

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Comments (36)

  • Looking for irrigation pump to irrigate 40 acres.3phase.prefarably multiple sprinklers

    William kipkemoi koross
    • Good evening William,

      We have a 3-phase electric surgace pump for this. What’s your maximum vertical head in the farm?

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Am looking for a 3 inch 3hp 1.5kw booster pump single phase.

    Joram MKUNDE
    • Good morning Joram,

      You have given us an elctric booster water pump’s motor ratings, and the inlet/outlet size
      Please indicate the water pump’s other specs (flow rate + head) for us to share your quote on email

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Good evening, I am seeking a solar water submersible pump solution that can pump water from a 35 ft well and transfer the same over a 20°steep slope to a distance of 150 m.

    Benjamin Ndegwa
    • Good morning Benjamin,

      For your solar submersible water pump price quote, please advice is on the amount of water the well will yield in a day, or how much you need daily

      Learn about our solar water pumps here:

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Which is the best petrol water pump to use with PN 6 pipe 63mm hdpe pipe

  • Great job you’re doing
    Can I get hdpe 2″ pipe, at how much
    I’m in Bondo

    Okola Achocho
    • Good evening Okola,

      Our 2″/ 63mm HDPE pipe cost is Kes 16,700. We’ll supply you in Bondo from our Kisumu office

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Intending to farm 10acres beans. How many rain gun sprinklers are needed +the right diesel pump to draw water from a river 1km away? Also tell me its fuel consumption please. Regards

    Lawrence Nganga
  • Price of 2 and 3 inches solar powered surface pumps

    • Good morning Mwakuseya,

      For our 2″ and 3″ solar surface water pumps prices in Kenya, share with us your targeted flow rate

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hello!
    I have a few questions i would like to be clear on:
    1. I have about 1.2 Hactors if land spread along, near a canal ( about 15m near my farm.) Im thinking if using sprinkler type of irrigation. However, i well need a lot of hoses to spread around the land. What are your suggestions? How much do hoses cost for sprinkler? And how much are those sprinklers?

    2. Do all the generators have water filters? If not, how do you know which one that comes with it and how often should you change/ sanitize it?

    Thank you!

    John Peter
    • Good evening John,

      To determine your sprinkler irrigation cost in Kenya, we need to conduct a physical site assessment or have you share detailed drawings with us for a sprinkler system design outlay

      Irrigation water filters are sold separately, and the size of each depends on your irrigation pipe diameter. The frequency of cleaning depends on your irrigation water quality

      Best regards,
      Customer Service


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