Avocado Drip Irrigation
Avocado Drip Irrigation
Avacado drip irrigation by Grekkon Limited

Avocado Drip Irrigation

Grekkon Limited’s avocado drip irrigation systems are for avocado farmers in Africa. Button drip is the best irrigation system for avocado trees, These are the avocado irrigation requirements

  • The mainline which supplies water from the source. Your avocado irrigation water source will be either a reservoir, a river, a well or a tank. The size of the HDPE or PVC pipe will depend on the acreage. An avocado farmer with 10 acres of trees will use a larger main pipe than a grower with a half-acre of avocado trees.
  • A sub-mainline which will deliver water from the mainline to the 16mm HDPE pipes that serve the avocado tree
  • A button dripper connected to the 16mm HDPE line to directly irrigate the tree
A button dripper irrigating a young avocado tree

Benefits of Avocado Drip Irrigation

  • It is water efficient because it uses 70% less water than sprinkler irrigation
  • The system is easy to install and maintain
  • It requires just one individual to run it over very large acreage
  • Button drippers are adjusted to provide water according to each avocado tree’s need

How to irrigate an avocado tree

  1. Check the soil moisture

    Assess your soil moisture to a depth of 10 cm and if it is all dry, it is time to irrigate your avocado tree

  2. Assess the state of your avocado crop

    Do the leaves droop and seem water stressed? Then proceed to irrigate

  3. Avocado drip irrigation system management

    Irrigate according the various blocks, and move to irrigate the next block after the soil is fully moist but not over flowing with water

Avocado Tree Crop FAQs

How do you irrigate an avocado tree?

Use a button drip irrigation system as defined above or a rain gun sprinkler system as belowA rain gun sprinkler irrigating by Grekkon Limited  irrigating an apple crop orchard in Laikipia county, Kenya

Do avocado trees need a lot of water?

Yes, they do need plenty of water, especially during the flowering period, through to the end of fruiting.

How often should I water my hass avocado tree

In the dry season, water the tree twice or thrice a week. During the wet season, irrigate only when it dries

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