French Beans Irrigation in Kenya


French beans irrigation in Kenya through Grekkon Limited’s drip irrigation kit is the most efficient method for French beans production. These are; onion, garlic, and herbs. A farmer will choose to have either raised beds or just plain lying land to install a drip irrigation kit. Your crop requires 50mm of water weekly for best production. French beans varieties in Kenya do not determine the irrigation method adopted. All varieties of French beans require irrigation. We train on how to irrigate French beans

Drip irrigation is the most effective way to save on irrigation labour and water costs. It provides water directly to the root zone. Basin flood irrigation is labour-intensive and uses ten times as much water. Sprinkler or overhead irrigation is water-intensive too. It causes flower drop, where the water droplets are too large. French beans farming in Kenya by irrigation attracts high-quality buyers of French beans.


How to install a drip irrigation system

  1. Bed making

    Your beds will be 1M wide to allow for 3 rows of drip lines, and 30cm high for good drainage. Drainage is key to prevent root rot for French beans and bulb rot for onions and garlic, as a result of stagnant water.

  2. Drip irrigation system laying

    3 rows of drip lines will be laid per bed. Each drip line row is 20cm apart and they will be laid 20cm from the edge of the bed. Where no beds are made, each row is 30cm apart. This spacing optimises French beans crop population per acre.


Frecnch beans watering

French Beans Irrigation FAQs

1. How often do you water French beans in Kenya?

French beans in Kenya need 50mm of water weekly for good growth. Water the plant with 200mm of water and avoid light watering. Irrigate when the crop needs water.

2. When should I water my French beans?

When using sprinklers, water only in the morning. This allows the water on the leaves to dry during the day. Water on the leaves overnight causes fungal infections. Drip irrigation allows watering any time of the day. Avoid afternoon irrigation when evaporation is high.

3. What is the cost of drip irrigation on French beans in Kenya?

Kes 145,000 per acre
Good irrigation secures a good French beans price per kg in Kenya
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Comments (4)

  • What’s the total cost of installing drip irrigation for 2 acres

    Joseph Wanguhu
    • Good evening Joseph,

      A 2 acre drip kit cost for green / French beans is from Kes 290,000

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Is possible to do an area less than 1acre? What does the package include? For tomatoes and kales, how much would it cost for this system installation in Kisumu for less than half acre?

    Avy Nyateng
    • Dear Avy,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Yes we do tomato drip irrigation kit installations on less than an acre of land. The package includes all material and labour. For tomato and/ or kales, see price and other details in this link below, then advice us on your thoughts;

      Best regards,

      Customer Service


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