Types of Water Pumps


How to choose the right types of water pumps for irrigation is key knowledge for every farmer. The right agricultural irrigation water pump will meet the crop’s water needs efficiently. Grekkon Limited  is a large irrigation water pumps dealer in Nairobi. We train on, supply, and install all types of water pumps to farmers in Kenya. We focus on training so that the farmer has the right water pump. The steps illustrated below will answer these 3 commonly asked questions;

  • How do I choose an irrigation water pump?
  • How do I know what size of an irrigation pump I need?
  • What is the best water pump for irrigation?

Types of water pumps

How to choose a water pump for irrigation

Step I. Water source

Submersible water pumps evacuate water from a well, or a deep reservoir. For these, we have shallow well pumps for irrigation and deep well pumps. A surface pump will work on reservoirs, rivers, lakes, and from the water storage tank

Step II. Pumping height and distance

Steep elevations or if pumping water to a long height, push the water out with a water pump a high head. These are high-pressure irrigation pumps

Step III. Area of irrigation

The amount of water needed is a factor of the area under irrigation. The larger it is, then the higher the flow rate of your pump is

Step IV. Irrigation method

A high-pressure water pump works best for rain gun sprinklers, while a high volume water pump is ideal for the rain hose kit

Step V. Fuel and power availability

In off-grid locations, solar and fuel generator water pumps are common. The former as submersibles, the latter as surface water pumps. Electric water pumps for irrigation are both submersible and surface types

Step VI. Affordability

Larger water pumps are expensive, and solar pumps are the most expensive of them all. Affordability considers the running cost too. Solar pumps are expensive to purchase but least expensive to run. Generator and electric pumps are lower in price but are expensive to run.

Types of water pumps


Grekkon Limited’s agricultural irrigation pump selection is through our irrigation pump size calculator. We train farmers to do this calculation during pump procurement in any of our outlets countrywide


Types of water pumps

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  • This is the most informative website I have ever encountered. Am trusting God to do business with you one day, honest and always up to date .No hidden agendas in prices God bless what you do. Dam liner one day is my target.


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