PVC Irrigation Fittings

Grekkon Limited’s PVC irrigation fittings for agriculture range from 20mm to 225mm. They work on agricultural PVC pipes to connect them to each other or to other pipes such as PVC pipes, GI pipes, delivery pipes, or PVR pipes in irrigation. Our PVC fittings for agricultural irrigation are rated as PN 16, meaning they are tough to withstand breakage from falls or weights and solar degradation. PVC fittings are with or without threads. The latter requires glue to connect them to an agricultural PVC pipe.

What are the different types of  PVC fittings?

  • Ball corks; are with or without threads
  • Connectors; equal connectors and reducing connectors. Equal connectors connect pipes of equal sizes. Reducing connectors connect HDPE pipes of different sizes
  •  Elbows; equal elbows, male elbows, female elbows. They are joiners to change the pipe’s direction to the left, right, up, or down. Our equal elbows are 90 or 45 degrees
  • End caps of all sizes. Fixed at the end of the pipe, they cork or close it to prevent water flow
  • Nipples; are with threads externally on both ends
  • Sockets; are with threads internally on both ends
  • Tees; none threaded tees, male or female threaded tees. None threaded tees connect PVC pipes of equal sizes. The threaded tees connect PVC, and HDPE pipes to other fittings such as saddle clamps, tank connectors, and ball valves/ ball corks, or other pipe types.
  • Valve sockets; are with threads externally on one end only, and the pipe enters the other unthreaded end

PVC Irrigation Fittings Prices

Our prices range from as low as Kes 20 for the 20mm PVC fittings to Kes 5,500 for the 225mm fittings. We have retail and wholesale prices depending on the quantity purchased. For specific fittings prices, we quote on request. Farmers have a choice of our PVC irrigation system (PVC pipes + PVC fittings) or HDPE irrigation system (HDPE pipes + fittings). The difference is that PVC irrigation systems must be sub-surface because the pipe and fittings do not have UV-block. However, they are cheaper than HDPE pipes and fittings which have UV-block

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