Saddle Clamps


What are saddle clamps?

Grekkon Limited’s saddle clamps sizes allow for fast, quick, and tight irrigation water HDPE pipes or PVC pipes installation. Saddle clamps are alternative to tees. Screw the water pipe saddle clamp on an irrigation water pipe into place. Whether irrigation water supply is under high or low pressure, these devices work. A pre-drilled hole on the pipe allows for the attachment of the saddle clamp. The size of the drilled hole depends on the hole size of the saddle clamps appendix.

Saddle clamps by Grekkon Limited

Our saddle clamps for pipes consist of the valve body with packing nuts and an open appendix attached on one end. They have a sealing washer that rests between the pipe and clamp to prevent irrigation water leakage. The other side of the irrigation water supply pipe has saddle clamp brackets. Tightened to the valve with two bolts, the pipe remains sandwiched between them.


Saddle Clamp Prices in Kenya

Size in mm to inches
Unit Price in Kes
25 x 1/2 100  
25 x 3/4 110  
32 x 1/2 110  
32 x 3/4 110  
32 x 1 130  
40 x 3/4 140
40 x 1 150
50 x 3/4 160
50 x 1 160
50 x 1-1/4 180
63 x 1/2 215
63 x 3/4 220
63 x 1 245
63 x 50 270
75 x 1 360
75 x 1-1/2 370
75 x 2 400
90 x 1 440
110 x 1 500
110 x 1-1/2 520

How to install a saddle clamp in an irrigation system

1. Attach saddle clamps to the irrigation water pipe

  1. Without a cut on the irrigation pipe, their use is convenient. Without the need for couplings or fittings to install, it is easy to work with

2. Pipe addition

Once the clamp is placed, a similarly sized pipe in diameter or a smaller one on the open appendix is attached. This newly attached pipe is perpendicular to the existing one, to form a ‘T’ shape

3. Size of the clamp

We supply and install them according to the size of the irrigation pipes in use. Because they are easy to assemble and disassemble, the farmer in future moves them with the drip, rain hose kit or sprinkler irrigation system when necessary. Each is named according to the diameter size of the main pipe entry point, and the perpendicular open appendix. For instance, a saddle clamp with a 2” sized main pipe entry point, and a 50mm open perpendicular appendix is referred to as a 2” x 50mm saddle clamp

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  • hey i was requesting for the following .200by1/2 saddle clamp= 200pcs, 160by1/2 saddle clamp=100pcs, 110by1/2=70 pcs. 90by1/2=80pcs. 63by1/2=75pcs. 50by1/2=45pcs.’ give me the best price

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