How To Farm Avocado In Kenya

We train our farmers on how to farm avocado in Kenya through irrigation. Our avocado farming in Kenya training covers these areas, and questions;

1. Avocado grafting

2. Avocado seedlings

3. Land preparation

4. Avocado varieties

5. Avocado tree spacing

6. How many avocado trees can you plant per acre?

7. Avocado fertiliser schedule

8. Avocado irrigation requirements

9. Profitability of avocado farming

10. Avocado farming problems

11. Avocado yield per acre


How to Farm Avocado In Kenya

1. Avocado grafting. It is the connection of the cultivar’s branch (the scion), to the root stock of another avocado tree. This creates a new tree as the 2 grow together. Graft Hass or Furte avocado varieties onto the root stocks of indigenous avocado trees.

2. Avocado seedlings. These are procured from established fruit farm treeĀ  nurseries

3. Land preparation. After harrowing, plant the trees on planting beds that are 1M wide, and 0.5M high for good drainage. Or in pits measuring 2ft by 2ft, by 2ft. The pits preserve moisture in the dry season.

4. Avocado varieties. Hass, and Fuerte are the 2 main export varieties. Hass grows from 800M asl to 2,500. Fuerte from 1,500M asl to 2,500M asl.

5. Avocado tree spacing. Spacing – 5m x 5m or 6M x 5M. Holes – 2ft x 2ft x 2ft

6. How many avocado trees can you plant per acre? 162 if spaced at 5M x 5M, and 135 at 6M x 5M

7. Avocado fertiliser schedule. This is according to the soil test results. Do a soil test before land preparation.

8. Avocado irrigation requirements. Check your soil moisture to a depth of 10 cm. If it is all dry, it is time to irrigate your avocado tree. A button drip irrigation system is the best because it delivers water to the root zone, in drops. A rain gun sprinkler system works well but requires large water volume.

Other Learning Areas

9. Profitability of avocado farming. The production cost per acre annually is approximately Kes

10. Avocado farming problems. Key challenges are; pest attack, fungal infections, and poor productivity as a result of poor feeding

11. Avocado yield per acre. In the third to forth year, 300-400kgs (30,000 to 40,000 fruits). After 5 years 800kgs-1ton (80,000 to 100,000 fruits)


Grekkon Limited advises these in detail during physical farm visits on how to farm avocado in Kenya to our farmers.

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