irrigation companies in Kenya

irrigation companies in Kenya
Saddle Clamps

What are saddle clamps? Grekkon Limited’s saddle clamps are devices that allow for fast, quick and tight irrigation water HDPE pipes installation. Whether irrigation water supply is under high or low pressure, these devices are work. A saddle clamp must be fitted around an irrigation water pipe, then clamped into…

Rain gun Sprinklers

Grekkon Limited Rain-gun Sprinklers Technical Information Rain gun sprinklers are a new generation of high volume, high-pressure sprinklers. They perform well in the following crops; 1. Horticulture. cabbage, spinach, kales, carrot, onion, garlic, strawberry, and pineapple 2. Broad acre crops. wheat, barley, canola, sugarcane and corn/ maize 3. Fruit orchards.…

Drip kits

Grekkon Limited’s drip kits in Kenya are designed for smallholder farmers, kitchen gardens and hobby growers. We design each kit to specific parameters which makes them easy to assemble and install, quick to use and efficient in irrigation. Our drip kits are as below Kitchen garden kits; 10M x 5M,…

Rain hose Irrigation

What is a rain hose irrigation system? Rain hose irrigation systems are a new way of watering crops intensely under moderate pressure. Each kit has a 100M long pipe as the main accessory. The pipe is sequentially perforated at determined intervals using Nano technology to create tiny holes from which…

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