Coffee Irrigation Farming Requirements

Coffee irrigation  farming requirements depends several factors. These factors determine the best irrigation system for coffee a grower will adopt. As a global commercial crop, coffee irrigated for yield maximization is a necessity to optimise crop income.

They are;

1. Water availability

Coffee drip irrigation is the best irrigation method to adopt because it conserves 70% of water that a sprinkler irrigation system for coffee consumes. Drip irrigation for coffee is by a button drip system

2. Crop stage of growth

  • Amount of water. A coffee plant’s water requirements change according to the crop’s growth stage. A younger crop takes less water than a fruiting mature crop
  • Irrigation method. Water sprinkler or rain hose kit irrigation systems are for both nurseries and mature crops. Drip irrigation is only for the mature crop

3. Presence of a mulch cover

Coffee irrigation water requirements for mulched trees is low. This is because there is less water loss from the soil. Therefore, the frequency and amount of irrigation water applied is less. Mulching is done by organic matter or the installation of a polythene mulch paper

4. Budget

Sprinkler and rain hose kits are less costly than drip irrigation. However, their operational cost is higher than the button drip system


Coffee Irrigation Farming Requirements FAQs

I. Is coffee irrigated?

Yes it is so as to maximize yield and income


II. What irrigation is used for coffee?

  • Button drip irrigation
  • Center pivot irrigation
  • Rain gun or impact sprinkler irrigation
  • Rain hose kits irrigation


III. Is drip irrigation good for coffee?

It is the best way to irrigate coffee because it conserves water and requires low energy to run


IV. How much water does a coffee plant need?

Water 4 inches (1 litre) per tree weekly. When it is hot and dry, the older leaves droop, a sign of water stress. Increase the amount of water when this happens.

Keep the soil moist but not soggy

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