Irrigation Non-return Valves


Grekkon Limited’s irrigation non-return valves are fitted to make water flow through a pipe in the right direction, where pressure conditions cause reversed flow. The function of the non-return valve is to limit the flow of water through it one direction. Water flow in the desired direction opens the valve, while back-flow forces the non-return valve to close. Besides irrigation systems, they are used on domestic water and sewerage systems to prevent backflow, for water under high or low pressure.


Plastic none return valve

Automated Irrigation Non-return Valves

Our irrigation non-return valves are automated and so require no manual operation. They are designed for particular pressure, when water pressure exceeds that limit, the non-return valve opens allowing the water to flow through it.

The non-return valves function over a wide range of operational pressures. These valves are ideal for simple back-flow prevention in a water transfer system. Connecting to male BSP threads, they are easy to install and offer excellent durability, reliability and strength. They are specifically designed for tropical equitorial conditions for countries such as Kenya.

In an irrigation system where water is pumped from a lower level to a higher level, the water flows in one direction only when the pump is in operation. When the pump stops, the flow of water will reduce until it stops. Because the overall pipeline will be rising, when the water stops, it will then return back down the pipe. To prevent this reversal entering into the pump, well or intake, an irrigation non-return valve is installed. This prevents damage to the water pump, and formation of any air locks within the system.

They are used with HDPE, PVC or GI pipes in drip or sprinkler irrigation systems. Grekkon Limited supplies and installs irrigation non-return valves of various sizes as; 1”, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 2”, 3” and 6” in both GI and plastic models.

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  • I am looking for 3″ non return valve,plastic.

    O Nixon
    • Good morning Nixon,

      A 3″ non return valve is available. Please share your number with us.

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