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We manufacture planting trays in Kenya with UV-treated PVC plastic material. These seed trays have cell sizes as; 28, 50, 66, 160, 200, 204, and 288. Our seedling trays for sale haves a perforation at the bottom of each cell to allow for water drainage and root aeration. The choice of the propagtion tray depends on the  seed size, and final size of the seedlings at transplanting stage. The larger they are, then the choice will be for trays with larger cells. The lessor the cell sizes on a tray, the more they are.


Planting trays by Grekkon Limited

Different seedling cell sizes on seedling trays



As one of the top seed tray supplier in Kenya, we advice and demonstrate to farmers the right tray to propagate each crop with. This is done by our team of field agronomists cuntrywide

Planting trays for sale;

  1. Tomato seedling trays

    A farmer growing tomato for the greenhouse will use the 200 or 204 cell trays. These tomatoes will be small in size during transplanting to this protected environment. A farmer growing outdoor tomato will use the 160 hole seedling trays. These tomato seedlings will be bigger and stronger to withstand harsh climatic conditions in the field. Tomato seedling trays will also go for; cabbage, capsicum, peppers, kales, sukuma wiki, collards and other vegetables

  2. Onion seedling trays.

    Growers doing onions will use the 288 cell seedling trays

  3. Different seedling production in trays.

    Onion has tiny seedlings which at maturity fit well in small cells. Tomato, peppers, cabbage, and chilies will use larger cells seedling trays.

  4. Seedlings production in trays.

    Apply the coco peat planting media on all cells up to 3/4. Place the tiny seeds individually in each cell, then cover with the coco peat planting media. Coco peat is preferred as a planting medium to soil because it is sanitised. It has no inherent diseases or pests, it drains better, and is well aerated. These factors increase the seedlings germination, and survival rate

Planting trays

Planting Trays FAQs

i. What is tray planting?

This is the propagation of seedlings or cuttings hrough palstic propagation trays

ii. What are seedling tray prices?

Our UV-treated PVC seedling trays cost Kes 120 apiece for all cell numbers. These seedlings trays prices in Kenya are retail, and a discount is offered for bulk buyers

iii. What can I use for seed trays?

Vegetable seed germination, fruit tree or forestry seedlings growth, and silkworm growing

iv. How do you use planting trays?

In an era when farmers have graduated to high-value hybrid vegetable seeds;

  • planting trays make it possible to account for each seedling, the reason that every seed is placed manually one by one
  • this makes it easy to count actual germination and seedling survivals
  • the seedlings have less pest and disease infestation because the trays are used with sanitized growing media
  • at transplanting, the growing media covers the root system which prevents transplanting shock in the field or greenhouse
  • transplanting shock slows down crop growth and delays maturity

v. When should I transplant my seed trays?

When the crop has been hardened enough to withstand open field or greenhouse conditions

vi. How do you use seed trays?

Add treated planting media in each cell, then sow one seed per cell. Water it to keep it moist till transplanting

vii. How deep should a seed tray be?

Not less than 5cm

Grekkon Limited’s agronomists guide every farmer during procurement on the most appropriate tray to use

viii. What can I use instead of seedling trays?

Agrower will propagate the seedling by preparing a soil nursery, which is the traditional way. The challenge with this method is the exposure of seedlings to soil borne pests and diseases. This lowers the germiation and seedling survival rate. Another alternative is to have propagation plastic bags


A traditional seedlings nursery using 



Seedlings growing in bags with soil as the root medium

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Established in 2017, Grekkon Limited is a Kenyan agribusiness company. It specialises in the provision of; - Irrigation systems - Greenhouse construction - Dam liners installation - Water pumps - Solar dryers construction - Agriculture nets - Borehole drilling The company has operations offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Meru, and Nyahururu

Comments (26)

  • This is a nice information about you.
    I am interested in seedlings trays for onions.
    However, I am in Uganda(Mbarara), how can I access them? I need around 50trays. My WhatsApp: +256759701182

    • Good evenong Emmanuel,

      This seedling trays for sale will be supplied to you from our Eldoret or Kidumu office.

      Best regards
      Customer Service

  • Interested in trays for open field tomatoes.How much is a tray?(0729775713)

    • Good morning Lufta,

      Your tomato seedling trays price in Kenya is Kes 130/ unit.

      Best regards ,
      Customer Service

  • Do you have the onion planting trays, am in nakuru and looking for them, or do you have the seedlings.

    Edwin wahome Karanja
    • Good afternoon Edwin,

      Yes we do. These are the 288 hole planting trays. We’ll supply you from our Nyahururu office. Kindly share your number so that our Nyahururu team can reach you right away.

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Wld like trays to plant cabbage seedlings 50 grams, what is your quotation

    Samuel mburu
    • Dear Susan,

      Good morning. For cabbage, you’ll use the 200 or 150 cell trays. 50gms has approximately 5,000 seeds. So, your cabbage seedling trays price in Kenya is;

      1. 150 cell trays x 34 units @ Kes 120= Kes 4,080
      2. 200 cell trays x 25 units @ Kes 120= Kes 3,000

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • How many pics of germination trays do I need to plant 250g of Royal f1 tomato?
    And where are you offices, or how do you do your delivery?
    Am from kisumu county, muhoroni sub-county, hear is my number-0792291205

    Fredrick Lucas Ogutu
    • Hi can you mix cocopeat,peatmoss and emiculate as a planting media. Plz if so kindly give me the ratio of these and we’re can I get these media in kitale. My contact is 0101558701

      Peter wanyama
      • Dear Peter,

        Good morning, our Eldoret technical team will reach you for details.

        Best regards,

        Customer Servie

  • I’m overwhelmed by your reply. I would like trays for tomato seeds ( 204 or288 holes.) Coco peat for 10000 seeds. Please give a quote.

    Alfred muriithi Gitonga
    • Dear Alfred,

      Thank you! These are your seedling trays prices in Kenya, and your cost of coco peat. Please advise us on your choice
      Option 1
      1.1 50pcs of 204 cell seedlings trays @ Kes 120= Kes 6,000
      1.2. 5kgs coco peat @ Kes 75/kg= Kes 375
      Total cost Kes 6,375

      Option 2
      2.1 35pcs of 288 cell seedlings trays @ Kes 120= Kes 4,200
      2.2. 4kgs coco peat @ Kes 75/kg= Kes 300
      Total Kes 4,500

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • i need seedling trays that can hold capsicum/eggplant seedlings for between 6 to 8 weeks before transplanting to outfield. will appreciate a quotation for 4,000 plants and coco-peat as well.

    Martin Wainaina
    • Dear Martin,

      Good morning. A seedling tray price in Kenya is Kes 120, so for 4,000 units, this is Kes 480,000. You’ll use 300kgs of coco peat with these trays. Where are you located and when do you need these products? Reach us on 077 157 132 or share your number for us to call you back.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

      • Thank you. However, i wanted to know which specific type of seedling tray to use (160, 204 or 288 Holes) that can hold 4,000 capsicum seedlings for between 5 to 6 weeks before transplanting to open field. Kindly provide a quote for coco-peat too.

        Martin Wainaina
  • Want tray for planting half a kg onion seeds.
    How many trays do I need? Planting media?

    Onesmus Mutinda
    • Dear Onesmus,

      Half a kg of onion seed has 50,000 seeds. Using the 288 cell, you require 174 seedling trays cost in Kenya is Kes 120 apiece. You’ll use coco peat as planting media at a rate of 1kg for every 12 trays, so 15 kgs of coco peat price is Kes 70/kg.
      Where are you located and when do you need these products?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • Kindly whats the volumemetric content of the 50 and 28 holes seedling trays.

    James muriithi
    • Dear James,

      Our planting trays size is 70 and 12 cubic centimeters per cell for the 50 hole and 288 hole trays respectively. How many units of each do you need?

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

  • do you sell
    1) plastic seedling trays with rooting media
    2)vertical bags 40 seedlings
    3)plastic crates for harvesting tomatoes

    • Hello Justine. WE sell planting trays with coco peat. We do not have vertical bags and plastic crates though


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