Planting Trays
Planting Trays
Planting trays by Grekkon Limited

Planting Trays

We manufacture our planting trays with UV treated PVC plastic material with cell sizes as; 28, 50, 66, 160, 200, 204 and 288. Every cell has a perforation at the bottom to allow for water drainage and root aeration. As a grower, you choose your planting tray based on;

  1. Usage. A farmer rearing silk worms, and another one doing tree seedlings will use the 28 cell tray. A vegetable farmer will use the smaller cell trays.
  2. Maturity at transplanting time. Growers who intend to transplant the seedlings when they are tiny will use the 288 cell trays. A grower who wants a stronger crop at transplanting will use a tray with lesser cells.
  3. Size of seedlings. Onion has tiny seedlings which at maturity fit well in small cells. Tomato, peppers, cabbage, and chilies will use larger cells trays.
  4. Location of transplanting. A tomato or capsicums farmer transplanting seedlings to a greenhouse or shade house will have them smaller than a similar crop farmer transplanting to the open field. In the greenhouse or shade house, the crop is well protected from many perils. In the open field, the seedling have to be stronger to overcome all weather related and other none weather related perils.

Why use planting trays?

In an era when farmers have graduated to high value hybrid vegetable seed, planting trays make it possible to account for each seedling. The reason that every seed is placed manually one by one. This makes it easy to count actual germination and seedling survivals. The seedlings have less pest and disease infestation because the trays are used with sanitized growing media. At transplanting, the growing media covers the root system which prevents transplanting shock in the field or greenhouse. Transplanting shock slows down crop growth and delays maturity.

Grekkon Limited’s agronomists guide every farmer during procurement on the most appropriate tray to use.

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