How To Grow Capsicums In A Greenhouse


As a greenhouse construction company in Kenya, we train our farmers on how to grow capsicums in a greenhouse. This is both in a tunnel type or vented type greenhouse structure. We provide detailed manuals for all our first time farmers venturing into this commercially. This is for both small, and large scale greenhouse commercial farmers. These manuals cover in details the technicalities of how to grow capsicums in a greenhouse.

How To Grow Capsicums In A Greenhouse

Steps to follow

  1. Seed selection. Select hybrid (F1) indeterminate seed from a reputable seed supplier. This is the most important step because the right seed ensures the right yield. The seed selected must be suitable for that ecological location
  2. Choice of greenhouse type, and size. Depending on your location choose your greenhouse type accordingly. This will either be a tunnel type, or vented type. The size of the greenhouse is to your plant population, and budget
  3. Planting bed preparation. Your indeterminate crop will yield for 9 months to one year. Before making your planting beds, create a sufficient food bank beneath to last the crop for a long time. Your beds will be 0.8M wide, by 0.3M high, running along or across the greenhouse.
  4. Soil fertilisation. Conduct a soil test and study the results. Work the soil according to the manure and/ or fertiliser regime from the soil test results.
  5. Planting. Space your crop 0.6M x 0.45M or 0.7M x 0.3M. So one planting bed will carry 2 rows of crop, hence 2 drip lines. At planting, your seedlings are 4-6 weeks old
  6. Training. All Grekkon Limited’s greenhouses designed for capsicum or tomato growing have an inbuilt galvanised crop support system. This is for training the crop from the fourth week after planting. Train your crop by a vertical wire running from the base to the top. At the base and the top is a horizontal wire. Join the vertical one to these two. Do not tie it to the crop directly to avoid injury.

How To Irrigate Capsicums

Irrigation is through a drip system

  • Irrigate before crop establishment so that your planting beds are moist enough
  • Irrigate according to crop water needs. This is to avoid over or under- irrigation. One inch of water per week is enough
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