High Pressure Water Pump Price

Every high pressure water pump price in Kenya by Grekkon Limited is determined by the following considerations.

1. The size of the inlet or outlet; a 3″ water pump is more expensive than a 2″ pressure equivalent. This is because it evacuates more water, so a higher flow rate

2. Flow rate; water pumps of different flow rates have different prices. The one carrying more water per hour will be more expensive. The one with a lower flow rate will be cheaper.

3. Horse power (Hp); this is the engine or mortar power. Engine power is in regards to petrol or diesel water pumps which are powered by an engine. This engine ranges from single stroke to four stroke depending on the size. The engine powers the water pump. The mortar refers to electric or solar water pumps. This is for both surface and submersible types.

4. Head; head is the the maximum vertical height that the water pump will push out water. It is in meters. The higher the head, the higher the pressure rating of hat water pump. High pressure water pumps are those with a head of 40M and above. The higher the head/ pressure rating, the more expensive the water pump is. The lower the head, the lower is the price.

5. Power use; a three phase electric water pump is more expensive than a single phase electric water pump. This is because the former is more powerful.

6. Fuel type; this applies to the petrol and diesel generator water pumps. Petrol water pumps cost less than diesel water pumps. This is because the latter are more expensive

High Pressure Water Pump Price; Making Your Selection

Steps to a high pressure water pump price selection

  • Power source. Solar water pumps have the highest purchase price, but the lowest maintenance cost
  • Size
  • Amount of water needed

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