Coco peat
Coco peat
Coco peat by Grekkon Limited

Coco peat

Coco peat is a multipurpose medium, made from coconut husks. It offers the best alternative for propagating seedlings and flower production. It is also used for soil amendments. For it to work effectively, it is to be washed and treated, as it contains soluble salts mainly sodium which causes root hair scorching, and hence poor germination.

Benefits of coco peat

• Coco peat is highly porous. This keeps the medium well aerated and loose for better root growth

• Has good water holding capacity. It ensures there is no over watering or under watering of your seedlings

• High porosity, high water holding capacity and high cation exchange capacity. Together. the quantity of media required per plant is little.

• It is easy to transport coco peat because it is compressed

• It provides a great environment for root beneficial fungi and bacteria to grow. This is because it is a none acidic media which is a conducive environment for micro organism multiplication.

• The fact that it has zero nutrients means you can easily formulate various quantities required for your seedlings.

• It is disease and pest free because we sanitise it during production. This destroys all fungus, bacterial or insect pests.

Note that this media has to be treated first by soaking in a solution of calcium nitrate to reduce sodium levels which causes root scorching.

As the leading coco peat supplier in Kenya, Grekkon Limited’s agronomy team advises nurseries and other users of the product on best practices to make the best out of it.

Our coco peat as a natural substitute for soil and it is sanitised during production. It is free of any infection or pest attack on the crop.

Available packs

  • 5kg block enough for approximately 12-17 trays.
  • 2.5kg block enough for 1-3 seedling trays

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